Bridgefield IN Business Benefits from Professional Office Cleaning

How Bridgefield Businesses Benefit from Professional Office Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and healthy office environment is one of the most important things for any business. For businesses in Bridgefield, IN, professional office cleaning services offer tons of benefits that can improve both the workplace atmosphere & the overall productivity. The Importance of a Clean Office A clean office

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spring cleaning tips for Delaware Trails South, Indiana

Spring Cleaning Tips for Delaware Trails South

Refresh Your Home or Business for the Season As the vibrant colors of spring begin to bloom in Delaware Trails South and its neighboring communities, it’s the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are 7 spring cleaning tasks that you can cover with ease

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how to clean cubicle walls

How To Clean Cubicle Walls

Cubicles are a convenient solution for optimizing workspace, providing semi-private workstations and accommodating a largeer number of employees compared to traditional office setups. However, unlike painted walls, cubicle walls cannot be easily cleaned with only a wet cloth. Typically constructed from fabric, cubicle walls tend to accumulate dust, dirt, germs,

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eco-friendly carpet cleaning services solutions

What Are Eco-Friendly Options for Carpet Cleaning Services?

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Definition Eco-friendly options for carpet cleaning refer to cleaning methods, products, and practices that prioritize environmental sustainability and minimize harm to ecosystems and human health.  These options utilize natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable cleaning agents, as well as efficient water usage and waste reduction techniques.  Additionally, eco-friendly carpet

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top complaints about commercial cleaning companies

Top Complaints About Inexperienced Commercial Cleaning Companies

The 7 Mistakes Inexperienced Cleaning Companies Make In the niche of commercial cleaning services, the quality of service can significantly impact the atmosphere and functionality of a business space. Unfortunately, inexperienced cleaning companies may inadvertently introduce a range of issues. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prevalent mistakes

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general cleaning services in medical office

What To Expect From General Cleaning Services In a Medical Office

General Janitorial Services Provided To All Offices While medical cleaning is a special niche and requires special & more detailed attention than others, some tasks are provided in all offices as general cleaning services. If you find that you need assistance, read more about our Medical Office/Facility Cleaning services or

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The Versatility of Hot Water Extraction in Carpet Cleaning

All About Hot Water Extraction and Carpet Cleaning

What Is Hot Water Extraction? Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, is a carpet cleaning method that uses hot water (not exactly steam) under high pressure to agitate and dissolve dirt in the carpet. Here’s how it typically works: 1. Preconditioning A cleaning agent is applied to the

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customized cleaning plans for medical facilities

Customized Cleaning Plans for Medical Facilities

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Examples of medical specialties include: Cardiology: Specializing in heart-related issues. Dermatology: Focused on skin disorders and conditions. Orthopedics: Dealing with musculoskeletal system problems. Gastroenterology: Specializing in digestive system disorders. Neurology: Focused on the nervous system and related

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recurring cleaning residential vs commercial

Residential and Commercial Recurring Cleaning Differences

When it comes to recurring cleaning services, the needs and nuances vary significantly between residential and commercial/industrial settings. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences: Residential Recurring Cleaning vs. Commercial/Industrial Recurring Cleaning 1. Frequency of Service: Residential: Often scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, catering to the specific

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the benefits of recurring commercial cleaning services

Benefits of Recurring Commercial Cleaning Services

In the bustling world of commercial enterprises, maintaining a clean and organized workspace is paramount. Beyond the visual appeal, the choice to invest in recurring commercial cleaning services brings forth a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond the surface.  From enhancing employee productivity to fostering a positive image, the

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what you can expect from professional window washers

What to Expect from Professional Window Washers

When hiring a professional window washer, you can expect a range of benefits and services that go beyond what you might achieve through DIY methods. Here’s a detailed look at what you can expect from a professional window washer: 1. Expertise and Training: Master window washers are trained experts who

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how to clean up after post construction work

Tips on How to Clean Up After Construction Work

The aftermath of construction, whether it’s a renovation or expansion, can transform your business space, making it more accommodating for your workforce, clients, and visitors. While the growth of your business is something to celebrate, there’s a little-known secret that often goes unspoken. After the construction crew finishes their job

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tips for hard floor care & cleaning

Tips on Hard Floor Care & Deep Cleaning

Hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl—your business may feature various hard floors that demand meticulous cleaning and maintenance for both aesthetics and longevity. Here’s a step-by-step guide to effectively deep clean hard floors: 1. Gather Your Supplies: Assemble essentials like a broom or vacuum, mop, bucket, microfiber towels, soft bristle brush,

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Emergency Window Cleaning Safe Cleanup of Broken Glass Best Practices and Tips

Handling Broken Glass: Best Practices for Safe Cleanup

Table of Contents Handling Broken Glass: Emergency Window Cleaning When a window shatters unexpectedly, whether due to an accident, vandalism, or a natural disaster, it can create a hazardous situation. Broken glass poses various risks, from minor cuts and injuries to more extensive property damage. In this guide, we’ll explore

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Diverse Emergency Window Cleaning Solutions

Diverse Emergency Window Cleaning Solutions: Exploring Different Types

Table of Contents Exploring Different Types of Emergency Window Cleaning Services In the world of property management, emergencies can strike at any moment, and when they do, the condition of your windows becomes a crucial aspect of safety, aesthetics, and crisis management. Emergency window cleaning services play a pivotal role

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common commercial building window problems in indianapolis

Top 5 Common Window Problems for Commercial Buildings in Indianapolis

Table of Contents Windows in commercial and industrial properties play a critical role in providing natural light, ventilation, and insulation. However, as these windows age, they are susceptible to various problems that can affect their functionality and energy efficiency. Here are the top five common window problems faced by commercial

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commercial facility carpet cleaning

Tailored Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Different Industries

Carpet Cleaning for Different Industries in Indianapolis: Tailoring Solutions for Unique Commercial Spaces Let’s explore the specialized carpet cleaning needs and challenges faced by diverse industries. Discover how our expert team delivers tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each sector. We will explore the specific carpet cleaning needs

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birds eye dirty construction building site

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleaning for Business Safety

What Is Post Construction Cleanup? Post-construction cleaning is a crucial step in any construction project. It’s the process of cleaning up and removing construction debris and dust that accumulate during the construction process. Post-construction cleaning is essential for the safety of your employees and customers, and it can also help

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ethnic janitorial cleaner cartoon woman

Why Get a House Cleaner or Maid Service?

Hiring a maid or home cleaning service might seem intimidating for those who have never tried it. However, if you have explicit knowledge of why you’re outsourcing professional help and what specific duties must be completed, then it’s okay. Before anything else, it’s good to determine why you want to

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top 6 best used car dealerships in indianapolis

The Top 6 Best Used Car Dealerships in Indy

Are you looking for the best used car dealership in Indianapolis? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the top six used car dealerships in Indy, IN that you can trust. All of these dealerships offer great prices, customer service, and a wide selection of cars. We will

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squeegee window cleaning

How to Clean Your Windows – The Right Way

Window Cleaning Tips That You Should Follow Window cleaning is a tedious task that takes a lot of time. From the preparation to the actual cleaning process, it can take hours. However, there are some hacks and tips that will help you save time and energy. Window cleaning is best

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System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Post-Pandemic and Office Space

The article below talks about the realities that businesses are facing as employees return to the workplace. As a facilities manager, you have had to rethink everything from how your space is setup up to enhancing your cleaning protocols to the quality of the air in your facilities. The pandemic

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CDC Guidelines for Reopening, benefits of a clean workplace, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

The Cost Of Germs And Value Of A Clean Workplace

When employees are out sick, it impacts your company in many ways. First, there is the economic impact. It also impacts productivity as well as the level of customer service you are able to provide to your clients. It is important that you do everything you can to keep your

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fitness centers in Indianapolis, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Future Of Fitness Centers – Post Pandemic

If you own or operate a fitness center, you know the impact that the pandemic has had on your business. The good news is that fitness centers in Indianapolis are not going to go away. People recognize the need to stay fit. Especially post-pandemic! The article below shares some perspectives

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Maintenance Programs for Manufacturing Facilities, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Maintenance Programs for Manufacturing Facilities

If you are a facilities manager for a manufacturer, then you know how important it is to keep everything up and running avoiding any unplanned downtime. To accomplish this goal, there are many different types of maintenance programs for manufacturing facilities you can utilize. The article below talks about a

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The All-Cleaner XP, Clean Restrooms, System4 Indianapolis, IN

The All-Cleaner XP

As part of our effort to help fight COVID-19 and provide the highest standard of services for you, our client, we have recently acquired a state-of-the-art contactless cleaning machine called the All-Cleaner XP. The touch-less machine ensures absolute sanitation of your facility. It can be used to clean restrooms, stairwells,

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System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Back to Work – Business Leaders Checklist

As more people are getting the vaccine and we are heading into the warmer months, businesses are starting to bring their employees back into the office. The article below identifies a number of decisions that need to be considered by business leaders as they work through the process helping to

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What Is Preventative Maintenance, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

If you are a facilities manager for a manufacturer, then you know how important it is to keep everything up and running avoiding any unplanned downtime. To accomplish this goal, there are many different types of maintenance plans you can utilize. The article below talks about a number of different

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Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Written By Guest Blogger, Betty White, Moving Offices of San Diego Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business is an essential process because when you find a reliable one, your partnership can last for decades. Many companies will say nearly anything to get you as a client, so you

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tips for winter floorcare, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

5 Tips For Winter Floorcare

Taking care of your floors in the wintertime requires a solid plan to make sure you stay on top of it properly. The article below has tips for winter floorcare that you can implement into your cleaning plan as needed. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like

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CDC Guidelines, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

How System4 Can Help Your School Meet CDC Guidelines

The CDC has come out with requirements that schools are to follow durng the pandemic in order to protect students, teachers, staff, and other guests that will be on your campuses. The article below outlines the CDC guidelines and highlights some of the best practices that should be followed. Enjoy

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System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Facilities Manager – Key Areas to Focus on in Your Facility

In this day and age, the effective maintenance and management of a facility has become increasingly important. Buildings have become smarter, technology is becoming more sophisticated and all of it needs to be managed effectively to ensure that a business is running properly and smoothly. The responsibilities of a Facilities

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Cleaning and Disinfecting, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Cleaning and Disinfecting – Cold and Flu Season

With the Cold and Flu season kicking in and the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, it is more important than ever to make sure you have a proper cleaning and disinfecting procedure in operation. The article below has good information on some of the proper procedures to follow ensuring you

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why is cleaning and disinfection important, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Services

Source: | Re-Post System4 3/28/2019 – Struggling to keep your office or building clean? Wondering if commercial cleaning services can help? If you run a small business, you may be conflicted on whether you should invest your money in a commercial cleaning service and why are cleaning and disinfection

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System4 of Indianapolis, IN a clean janitorial services office, reliable commercial office cleaning services

How Cleanliness Affects Guest Perception

The perception that a potential or current client has of your business is something you should pay attention to. If they perceive your business as clean and healthy, they are more likely to do or continue to do business with you than if their perception is different. The article below

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electrostatic fogging service, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Learn Why Electrostatic Cleaning is Effective

Using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect is a way of efficiently killing bacteria, germs and viruses. It works by charging the liquid disinfectant as it passes through the sprayer nozzle. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively seek out surfaces to stick to and even wrap around

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cross contamination cleaning training, System4 of Indianapolis, IN

Proper Training Key to Clean Restrooms

The hardest place to keep clean at our places of business is our restrooms. At System4, we are excited about our All Cleaner XP System. This cross-contamination cleaning training will allow us to Deep Clean and Disinfect your restroom with a no-contact approach that is more effective than manually wiping and

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Controlling odors in commercial restrooms, System4 Indianapolis, IN

Tips For Commercial Restroom Odor Control

The hardest place to keep clean at our places of business is our restrooms. At System4, we are excited about our All Cleaner XP System. This will allow us to Deep Clean and Disinfect your restroom with a no-contact approach that is more effective than manually wiping and scrubbing fixtures

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Person dispensing disinfectant on their hands

Hygiene Tips For Returning To Office Post-Lockdown

As businesses continue to open, they are faced with many challenges to help keep their workforce and the customers safe. I came across this article from Welcome to the Jungle that has some great information and insight on some of the practices to follow to ensure your own safety as

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Desk Germs

The Importance Of Disinfecting Your Desk

As we continue to open up our businesses, it is important to follow the CDC guidelines so that we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and others from germs that can spread in the workplace. Below is great information on how to keep your desktop disinfected in this

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What Are Germs?

The article below talks about what germs are which includes viruses and how we can protect ourselves from them. Here at System4, we use a product called MicroShield 360 to coat and protect surfaces not only from germs, but also bacteria, pathogens and mold. Give us a call if you

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Girl blowing her nose into a tissue while reading her temperature

Flu Season And The Workplace

Source: BIG IDEAS for Small Business | Repost Systmem4 1/23/2020 – According to one scholarly paper, which examined the effects of employment on influenza rates, “the spread of the influenza virus is linked with higher employment, particularly in industry sectors with the highest levels of interpersonal contact.” In effect, recognize that if an employee infected …

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Top Cleaning Issues In Your Restrooms

Source: | Re-Post System4 11/21/2019 – When it comes to landing repeat business, having a well-maintained restroom is vital. If someone’s touch, smell, or sight senses something is awry, that individual is remarkably less likely to visit that restroom again, or, consequently, that entire facility. Facility cleaning managers know this, which is why they…

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Man mopping floors in a big building

Advice On Restoring The Splendor Of Floors

Source: | Repost 10/24/2019 – Many floor finishes can be stripped, sealed and polished. This process removes dirt, glue, carpets or the old top finish – replacing it with a new protective coating and creating beautifully shiny floors which enhance the overall look of the building. Most floors should be stripped

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Clean hospital

Healthcare Odor Hot Spots

Source: CleanLink | Re-Post System4Indy 9/26/2019 – In hospitals and long-term care facilities, perhaps the biggest odor hotspots are patient or resident rooms. In many cases, more square footage is dedicated to these spaces than any other area of the facility. Also, when dealing with vulnerable populations, there’s an increased chance for

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Window Cleaning

How Often Should You Have Your Windows Cleaned

Source: | Re-Post System4 7/25/2019 – You want your office windows looking clean and clear. How often should you call window cleaning services? These factors influence how often to call the pros.How clean are your office windows? A good view and a good amount of natural light give the office a

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Floor Care: Covering the Basics

Source: | Re-Post System4 6/6/2-19 – Floor care has long been considered an essential service for nearly every building service contractor. Most film and television depictions of cleaning employees, after all, show a janitor with a mop and bucket. Of course, the mop-and-bucket method won’t work for every flooring

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Controlling The Spread Of Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens

Source: | Re-Post System4 5/9/2019 – The greatest medical issue of the 21st century is taking place in hospitals everywhere, and its prevalence is directly correlated to poor engineering, and to some extent, improper cleaning. The problem is the rise of antibiotic resistant pathogens and the situation is growing

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Why It’s Important To Spring-Clean Your Office

Source: | Re-Post System4 4/25/2019 – Spring is here! And for some of us, that means spring-cleaning will be added as an item on our to-do lists. Spring-cleaning is, after all, one of the rites of the season. My spring-cleaning ritual has always included my office environment. Over the

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5 Reasons Why A Clean Workplace Is Good For Business

Source: | Re-Post System4 4/11/2019 – As an entrepreneur or a business owner, the cleanliness of your workspace is probably not the first thing that comes to mind each day. Having a clean and healthy workspace is a major cornerstone when it comes to running a successful business. However,

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Study Reveals Restroom Germ Hot Spots

Source: | Re-Post System4 Indy 3/14/2019 – A recent study revealed that fixtures designed to help clean hands are actually spreading bacteria instead. According to a Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control study, visitors to public restrooms expect handwashing fixtures — faucets, soap and towel dispensers and hand dryers —

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Flu Season Has Schools Increasing Disinfection

Source: | Re-Post System4 3/1/2019 – Influenza activity continues to increase in the United States and K-12 schools are taking action to prevent the virus’ spread. For example, according to an article on KFVS12, Franklin Elementary School, as part of the Cape Girardeau School District, are correctly focusing cleaning

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Wiping Out Flu at The Workplace

Source: | Re-Post System4 2/14/2019 Paying extra attention to germ “hot spots” in the workplace can help control the spread of flu this season. According to WKRN News 2 website reports, the most contaminated surfaces in an office are also the most frequently touched. This including doorknobs, push plates

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Cold And Flu Season Is Still Going Strong

With cold and Flu season still going, there are some things you can do to help stop the spread. Avoid close contact – Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too. Stay home when

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Choose Mats That Prevent Slips And Falls

Source: | Re-Post System4 1/17/2019 – Some facilities eschew matting for fear it will result in dangerous and potentially costly trips and falls. Those concerns aren’t without merit. “There’s no question that if they aren’t installed and secured properly, mats can create trip hazards for people, especially those using

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Construction Project Final Cleans

Construction projects range in size and scope. There are large projects that take several months or over a year to complete. These might be brand new buildings with retails spaces, parking garages, athletic centers, housing units or apartments, shopping units, performance halls, indoor/outdoor space combination units and other major building

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Office Facility Maintenance FAQs

How often should my office be cleaned? The frequency of an office cleaning depends on several factors but mainly how often the office is open, how many people use it each day, and what type of business is conducted at the building. Most often, offices need to be cleaned more

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Window Washing Do’s and Don’ts

Window washing commercial buildings has to be done and windows do help facilities make a good first impression. It is, however, unfortunately common for this task to be forgotten, go to long between services, or simply never done or managed. Window washing is important for facility managers to stay on

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Office Partition Glass Care

If you work in an office setting then you are likely familiar with partitions. These barriers separate offices, reception desks, conference rooms, executive suites, and more. Many offices have partitions made of glass and it’s a particularly common choice in newer office space construction. Some office doors are even made

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Pressure Washing Dumpster Areas

Dumpsters are for trash. Every facility has a trash area. Sometimes the bins are divided by type of trash (e.g. recycle, cardboard only, liquids/chemicals/grease, waste) but the space outside the building designated for trash is mostly the same from building to building. Often at manufacturing facilities, the dumpster areas are

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Restaurants Need Pressure Washing

Do you find yourself searching for “restaurant cleaning services near me?” Read more about how System4 can help you save time and money by working on your schedule & your budget! Did you know? …Restaurants need regularly scheduled pressure washing. It is inevitable that nasty, greasy gunk, grime, and buildup

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Why is My Desk So Dirty?!

When it comes to general office cleaning, janitorial service providers have a heavy task at hand. And, unfortunately, office staff can tend to be quite critical of cleaners sometimes even when they are doing an excellent job. A common, key area of contention are personal office desks and cubicle desks

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Special Services: Window Washing & Pressure Washing

Most office spaces need special services throughout the year. How different building staff and facility managers handle these special services varies significantly and depends on the use of the building by staff and customers. Pressure Washing: Many restaurants, for example, need regular weekly or monthly pressure washing to remove residue

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Commercial Floor Care Basics

No matter what type of material you’re dealing with, proper maintenance is key to keeping it looking clean and prolonging the life of the flooring. As soon as they are noticed, cleaning up spills or messes is important to prevent stains that can soak in. Using the correct chemical cleaners

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Deep clean… What do you mean?

All facilities need to have a deep clean performed in addition to their regular cleanings. Whether an office, school, theater, clinic or hospital, church, library, restaurant, salon, or factory environment, deep cleans are necessary and should be part of the building’s routine maintenance plan. A deep cleaning will keep a

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Outdoor Window Washing: Keep it Clear

Facilities large and small need professional outdoor window washing at regular intervals. Depending on budget and need, quarterly or at biyearly cleanings are recommended. But for businesses that have a higher dependence on windows being clean for visibility and appearance, more frequent washings may be required. How does your facility

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Outdoor Building Spring Maintenance Checklist

 Facility managers know that the cold winter months can be tough on the exterior of their building(s). Snow and ice can affect many outdoor aspects that should be evaluated, cared for, and properly maintained. It’s the only way to be proactive about preventing potential further damage and unplanned expenses when

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Out with Winter Tools, In with Landscaping Equipment

It’s important to maintain your building and all of its resources. That means taking proper care of equipment throughout all seasons. Proper maintenance and storage for your winter tools and landscaping equipment will make sure it’s ready when you need to use it and that you don’t run into any

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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning!

Though it might not feel like Spring with the fluctuating weather patterns of late, according to the vernal equinox, it is here! Facility managers know that a thorough cleaning at their building makes a huge difference in the Spring months. In fact, Spring cleaning crucial to keep a facility looking

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Check Building Safety in the Spring!

After what has been a long winter for all of us, most are more than ready for spring – And it is finally here! While the first thing that comes to mind regarding building maintenance is probably spring cleaning remember that it’s also time to check all of the safety

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Spring Cleaning Basics

When it comes time to do a much-needed spring cleaning at your business, there are some basics facility managers will need to cover to be prepared. Review the basics and collaborate with your maintenance teams to ensure you’re business is prepared for the spring and summer months. Getting everything in

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It’s Time to Tackle Ice Melt Residue

In the Midwest it can be hard to tell that the season has changed when it snows on the first day of spring (and then melts away before the day’s end!). But, spring is here and the ice melt that was so important to put out at your facility during

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Floor Care When the Weather Outside is Frightful!

We’re nearing the end of winter and many of us are looking forward to the spring weather. There are likely, however, several more wintry days ahead of us.   How is your facility looking? How are the floors, carpets, rugs, and matting? Perhaps a bit dingy from the elements? Inevitably,

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Q&A: Flu Season Best Practices for Facilities

When and where should flu fighting chemicals be applied? Especially when it comes to fighting the flu, there is no such thing as too clean! A public facility can only truly be clean when the entire space is well maintained, vacuumed, dusted, disinfected, and sanitized daily. Appropriate floor care and

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Treating the Outside of Your Facility for Snow & Ice

 It’s winter in the Midwest. Not only is it cold but temperatures are freezing and can cause torturous environments for commercial buildings. Conditions during these colder months require that facility managers step up their game when it comes to snow and ice removal and maintaining a safe exterior. In fact,

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Sick Employees Should Always Stay Home!

Leadership in any organization can help employees be more aware and precautious about spreading germs. Especially during flu season, maintaining a healthy workforce and an environment that is clean for those using it is critical. The flu can spread quickly and when more folks exposed to it there are more

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What chemicals should be used for cleaning flu virus germs?

‘Hospital grade’ cleaning supplies aren’t necessarily just for the medical industry. A quality disinfectant should always be used during times like flu season when facilities are more vulnerable to the spread of germs. HP Products has a perfect solution in its Peroxy™ 4D Disinfectant. Full Product Description: Peroxy 4D™ is

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Public Bathroom Hand Dryer Maintenance

Public facilities, especially public bathrooms, are full of bacteria and germs. It is always important that these spaces are disinfected and sanitized the right way. When it comes to the public’s role in being clean, handwashing is very important. The Global Handwashing Partnership recommends that hands are washed for 20

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Wash Hands Thoroughly During Flu Season

Do clean hands even prevent the flu? No, however, it can prevent the spread of the flu virus and other germs that can make you sick. When those using public spaces wash their hands at the right times and they wash the right way, everyone is less likely to come

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Happy New Year – Stay Warm & Safe!

From all of us at System4 of Indianapolis, we hope you, your friends and family had a wonderful holiday. And, we wish you a happy New Year! Part of making the holiday season great is staying warm and cozy. Here in the Midwest, temperatures have dropped well below zero degrees

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Skilled Cleaners Deserve to Earn a Fair Living Wage

Cleaning is a skill that keeps facilities and those using them healthy. Skilled cleaners know how to clean surfaces the right way. Cleaners should always be treated well and respected for what they bring to the table. They are essential to the upkeep and successfulness of a facility. Just like

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How to Avoid a Flu Outbreak at Your Facility

Even healthy people can get the flu. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “People with flu can spread it to others up to about 6 feet away… Most healthy adults may be able to infect other people beginning 1 day before symptoms develop and up to 5 to 7

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It’s Flu Season: Is Your Facility Prepared?

Maybe you’ve already heard it… “The flu is really bad this season.” or “There’s going to be a flu epidemic this year.” The fact is that no one ever wants to be sick and no matter the season, being ill is always bad. Also, there is a flu epidemic in

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Characteristics of a Quality Cleaner

Many men and women make a career out of cleaning various private and public facilities. It is a decent and honorable way to earn a living. They keep public spaces clean, healthy, and well maintained for others who use them. Because it is a background role, cleaning can sometimes be

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Maintaining Indoor Air Quality is Critical

Indoor air quality in any space, though often overlooked, is a very important aspect to maintaining a healthy facility. Air quality is directly related to the health of those using a space. The air we breathe is not always at the top of our minds when thinking about the cleanliness

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Why Do Live Plants Improve Indoor Facility Spaces?

Live plants always look nice but there are many benefits of placing them throughout a building. Facilities that lack indoor plants may want to consider adding them. Here’s why… Air Quality is key to a healthy indoor space! As many facility managers already know, poor indoor air quality is a

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