2014 Office Industry Insights Tenant Attitudes Toward Pests And Pest Control

Orig. Post by BOMA International | Re-Post May 6, 2015

Three in four office tenants have seen flies at the office, and just under 2/3 have seen an ant. Approximately half of all offices have experienced cockroaches, and 42% have had rodents. NOTE: Mid-size and large companies (10+ employees) are significantly more likely to have seen a cockroach, ant or rodent than small companies.


75% of those who told someone told more than one person. 88% mentioned the encounter to someone in person or on the phone, while 25% posted it on social media.


43% of office tenants will report a pest after a single sighting. 40% of tenants report after seeing pests on more than one occasion. Very few tenants will try to rectify the situation themselves first (9%), or wait to hear that others in the building are having similar issues (6%).


50% of office tenants indicate that recurring pest issues would cause them to look for new office space, while only 20% state that a pest problem would not cause them to look for a new office. NOTE: The larger the company, the less likely to look for new office space due to pest problems.


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