5 Tips for a Clean & Healthy Workplace

Undoubtedly, cleanliness is directly related to health.

A clean work environment means healthier employees and a well-maintained facility. Healthy employees spend more time at work being productive and have fewer sick days which is exactly what employers want. Not to mention, guests, clients, and others visiting a building or facility will notice if it’s dirty and will appreciate having a clean environment to do business.

Public spaces that are used by many people can become very dirty, very quickly if not well maintained. So, how can employers ensure a clean & healthy work environment is maintained?

Check out these 5 tips that every workplace should do every day to keep a clean and healthy environment for their workforce and other users of the building.

  1.  Sanitize restrooms, kitchen areas, and break rooms to kill germs on surfaces.
  2.  Disinfect door handles and light switches to prevent the spread of germs.
  3.  Dust workspaces and electronics to remove toxins that cause allergies and lung problems.
  4.  Remove waste and recycling to eliminate clutter and odors.
  5.  Maintain live plants in common spaces for better indoor air quality.

These simple, yet very important, tips will ensure your workplace is clean and healthy for everyone. Hiring a facility manager is the best way to ensure a building is well maintained. And again, a clean and healthy work environment is key to productivity and is a significant detail to running a successful business.

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