5 Tips For Winter Floorcare

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Taking care of your floors in the wintertime requires a solid plan to make sure you stay on top of it properly. The article below has tips for winter floorcare that you can implement into your cleaning plan as needed. Contact Us if you have any questions or would like us to provide a free facility evaluation. Enjoy the article.

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

Floors experience the most wear and tear within a building and are the first thing visitors notice when they walk in. Day-to-day foot traffic can wreak havoc on facility floors – especially during winter months. The debris brought in creates scratches and can negatively impact your business’s image.

Businesses have different floor types which are affected differently by the harsh inclement weather. When salt is applied outside your facility the melted residue will be tracked into your building and begin to attack floors, causing excessive wear and damage. Protection is cheaper than restoration, so it is only smart to take steps to preserve floors from harsh conditions. Here are proactive tips for winter floorcare.

Mat Program

Put extra matting at all entryways. This will help keep debris, salt and moisture from being tracked into other parts of your building. Go over your exterior and interior matting with a winter ice melt neutralizer solution in an automatic scrubber or carpet extractor. This will help get rid of the white haze on matting and should prevent ice melt residue from being tracked into your building.

Increase Mopping and Auto Scrubbing

It is important to increase the frequency of mopping and auto scrubbing on harsh winter days. Regularly mopping entryways and other floor areas throughout the building will remove salt and reduce water accumulation from heavy snow. Using appropriate mops will help to capture and remove moisture from floors.

Cleaning Products

The type of cleaning product used can impact the floors in your building. Use the appropriate cleaning product for your building’s floors. The cleaning product should remove salt residue and clean the floors.

Cleaning Equipment

As floors become dirtier, cleaning equipment and machines do too. Remember to clean out your equipment so that salt does not damage your machine or allow bacteria to build up inside. Rinse and wring out wet mops and mop buckets frequently to extend the life of your equipment and prevent bacteria buildup.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Keep up with regular deep cleans – especially during the winter months – to minimize the burden of daily cleaning and extend the life of floors. Deep cleaning can also restore facility floors to “like new” condition.

The state of your floors makes a large impact on the overall look of your building. To improve the feel of your facility, floors are key. Make a better impression on clients and visitors and a more pleasant place for employees by giving your floors the care and attention they require. The issue many property managers run into is finding the right help to take proper care of their floors. Without the proper tools and expertise, you may be falling short in keeping your floors in the best shape. Your floors are a long-term investment and on-going maintenance is a huge part of keeping up the appearance over time. System4 will work with you to create a customized floor care plan that covers all floor types within your building. If your flooring needs a little more attention from neglect or just continual wear and tear, System4 can coordinate more substantial restoration services – strip and wax, refinish, repair, etc. System4 has the expertise to make your floors shine again. We understand how important your floors are to you and your business’s image.

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