Advice On Restoring The Splendor Of Floors

Man mopping floors in a big building

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Many floor finishes can be stripped, sealed and polished. This process removes dirt, glue, carpets or the old top finish – replacing it with a new protective coating and creating beautifully shiny floors which enhance the overall look of the building. Most floors should be stripped and polished at least once a year, depending on the ongoing maintenance.

In and around your building, you will find many different types of flooring – from hard stone floors such as marble and granite to solid wood and laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, concrete, terrazzo or even basalt (which comes from lava and is one of the hardest types of flooring).

All floor restoration projects should, therefore, begin with a thorough assessment of the area – allowing the surface material composition and any issues to be identified. This will ensure the correct care and approach is applied to achieve the desired end result.

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