Best Practices for Fighting Public Restroom Germs, Bacteria & Viruses

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In recent articles, we have shared the importance of having clean restrooms and shared tips to accomplish this task within your businesses. But did you know that your design choices for your restrooms can also help reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses? The article below shares some of those best practices.

I also want to introduce our All Cleaner XP System. This will allow us to Deep Clean and Disinfect your restroom with a no-contact approach that is more effective than manually wiping and scrubbing fixtures and other hard surfaces that often fall short of cleanliness standards. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about this amazing system and enjoy the article.

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

Having a well-planned cleaning and maintenance program for your public restrooms is critical in helping to maintain a positive corporate image/impression for your guests and employees. But did you know that there are a few things you can do to help with public restroom maintenance when designing your restrooms? The choices made can help reduce the chance of germs, bacteria and viruses from spreading from fixtures to people and to other fixtures. Here are a few examples that you can utilize.

Install touchless fixtures to protect customers from infection

Touchless fixtures such as faucets and soap dispensers are a great start. As noted in other articles, sinks are one of the most contaminated surfaces in a restroom. They are generally four times higher in germs than any of the other fixtures. If a person can avoid touching the sink, the soap dispenser and the faucet, the possibility of spreading germs, bacteria and viruses is reduced significantly.

Touchless hand drying systems. Same concept as with the sink area. If a person does not touch a surface, they cannot contaminate a surface, and the bacteria or virus on the surface cannot contaminate them. One thing to note, water can end up on the floor below the hand dryer. A good practice would be to put a mat below the touchless drying system to ensure there is no standing water. You should change out the mats on a regular basis.

Ensure proper bathroom ventilation

Proper ventilation is very important as restrooms are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria and viruses. Having good circulation helps to remove odors from the building. It also helps to remove moisture which helps to inhibit the growth of certain organisms. The ventilation should meet or exceed building codes for airflow and should be on constantly.

Maintain adequate drainage

Having good drainage on the floors is very important. By removing the standing liquids from the floor, it will help reduce the chance for bacteria to breed. It is also a good practice to treat drain traps with a broad germicide on a regular basis which will help kill bacteria and keep it from growing.

Another avenue for germs, viruses and bacteria to spread are the doors used to enter and exit public restrooms. You are starting to see door-less entryways or doors that can be opened using a foot-opener. Again, these options reduce the chance of someone getting germs, bacteria or viruses on their hands from another surface.

Other tips for reducing public restroom germs

Having self-flushing toilets and urinals will help reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses as can the use of toilet seat covers.

Light sensors in the bathroom will help to reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses from light switches. Posting signs that automatic light sensors are being used so people will not get caught in the dark is a good practice.

For every surface that can be eliminated that a person generally touches when using the restroom, the risk of spreading germs, bacteria and viruses is reduced as well. Not only are you protecting the people, but you are also protecting the rest of your facility. Good planning is essential.

One other thing you can do as a facilities manager is to establish a Restroom Deep Cleaning Schedule. This is where System4 of Indianapolis can you help! With our new All Cleaner XP System, we are able to provide a cleaning solution that will be the capstone of your restroom maintenance program. A properly and well-maintained restroom will reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses within your facility.

Ready to tackle the germs in your public restroom space? Give us a call today at 317-222-1039 to find out how we can help using our All Cleaner XP System!

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