Beyond Floors And Fixtures In The Bathroom

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What Are Restrooms

The Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview, IL, welcomes more than 300,000 visitors to its facility each year. During its peak season, the museum may see as many as 34,000 visitors on a given month. No matter how you slice it or dice it, that’s a lot of people accessing the museum’s amenities each day—a lot of hands touching the interactive exhibits, a lot of feet scuffing up the carpets, and a lot of bodies (both kids and adults) scuffling in and out of the facility restrooms.

In a facility as busy as the Kohl Children’s Museum, one can imagine how challenging it must be to keep the busiest areas as clean as possible—let alone an area as germ-prone as a restroom. But the museum seems to have it down to a science. In order to keep the museum’s restrooms in tiptop shape—particularly during the busy season—custodial staff spot check the restrooms up to twice per hour.

During this time, areas like the sinks and faucets will receive a quick spray, while the baby changing table receives a wipe down with a light sanitizing solution. The museum also has a cot in the family restroom that is available for nursing mothers or changing larger children; that area is disinfected daily.

Regardless of how seamless a facility’s process may be for cleaning its restrooms, these spaces are regularly ranked as a top problem area by in-house facility managers and BSCs who read CMM. It’s not too difficult to pinpoint why. From odors to bodily fluids and plumbing issues, these spaces often give custodial teams a run for their money.

As unpleasant as the following pointers may be to read, here are five restroom areas that are often overlooked but prone to presenting problems for any custodian.

What Are Restrooms

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