Characteristics of a Quality Cleaner

Many men and women make a career out of cleaning various private and public facilities. It is a decent and honorable way to earn a living. They keep public spaces clean, healthy, and well maintained for others who use them.

Because it is a background role, cleaning can sometimes be overlooked as a profession. For example: while you may notice if it is clean or dirty, when you visit an office, library, restaurant, school, or retail store, you’re most likely not considering the skills, lives, or wages of those maintaining that space. Like those professionals, clients, and customers using a space, cleaners deserve to be treated fairly.

Because there are so many types of environments that need cleaned in different ways, cleaning professionals must learn to care for the facility correctly. Consider all of the types of surfaces in a public space like windows, bathrooms, floors, and countertops for example. Then consider the types of facilities and who they serve like offices, healthcare facilities, schools, and kitchens. Each of these spaces and locations have different needs when it comes to cleanliness.

Those who are responsible for managing a facility should understand that finding cleaners with the right knowledge and skillsets is critical. Quality cleaners maintain the health of the facility for those who use it and below are some characteristics you should know.

  • Cleaning the right surfaces, the right way is a learned skill
  • Knowing what tools to use and how to use them takes time and training
  • Using the right solution or chemical on the right surface is part of healthy maintenance
  • Quality cleaners should be treated with respect and earn a fair living wage
  • Partnering with a facilities management company makes service relationships easier 

It’s important to remember that cleaning is a profession. Those who keep facilities healthy have a real role in our daily lives. They should be respected for their contributions and treated well. Next time you see your cleaning crew, say “hello” and you might also want to thank them! Make sure cleaners at your facility are being treated well to ensure professionalism and quality work so everyone can enjoy a clean indoor environment.

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