Choose Mats That Prevent Slips And Falls

Source: | Re-Post System4 1/17/2019 –

Some facilities eschew matting for fear it will result in dangerous and potentially costly trips and falls. Those concerns aren’t without merit.

“There’s no question that if they aren’t installed and secured properly, mats can create trip hazards for people, especially those using walkers or canes,” Fellows says.

To avoid this scenario, stay away from lightweight mats. Also, choose mats with rubber rather than nylon backing.

“You need to make sure the mat you’re putting down — especially on a hard surface — isn’t going to slide,” Spencer says. “If it slides, it gets ripples, gets bunched up or the edges curl. That’s what causes the tripping hazard.”

If the existing matting is problematic, use double-sided adhesives on the corners and edges to prevent curling and slipping. Also, make sure doors can swing clear over the matting without causing bunching.

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