Why Clean Public Bathrooms are So Important for Your Business

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The hardest place to keep clean at our places of business is our restrooms. At System4, we are excited about our All Cleaner XP System. This will allow us to Deep Clean and Disinfect your restroom with a no-contact approach that is more effective than manually wiping and scrubbing fixtures and other hard surfaces that often fall short of cleanliness standards. Give us a call if you would like to learn more about this amazing system and please enjoy the article on the importance of maintaining clean restrooms.

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

Consumer expectations have changed dramatically over the years. When someone used to have a good or bad experience with an organization, it was usually family, friends and others in their immediate vicinity that would hear about it. But today with the power of the internet and social media and smartphones in everyone’s pocket, it is easy to share your dissatisfaction or satisfaction with just a picture and a few chosen words to the world. Someone’s perception of your organization can quickly go viral.

One of the areas that can impact someone’s perception of your organization is the restroom. If they see that your restrooms are well taken care of and are clean, it tells them that you care about your business, your employees, and your clients. Especially with the current events around COVID-19. A bad first impression in the restroom may be hard to shake and can become the last impression. A recent Harris Interactive poll from January of this year revealed that 90% of Americans think employers who deep clean their workplace restrooms on a regular basis care more about the health and well-being of their employees than those that don’t. In another Harris Interactive poll, 94% of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms.

The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overstated.

Factors that can lead to a negative impression of restrooms include:
  • Lack of supplies including empty toilet paper holders, no soap in the dispensers, and no paper towels to dry their hands.
  • Wet floors and puddles that pool around the sink or wet floors in restroom stalls deter people in the restroom.
  • Unappealing orders quickly tell someone that the restrooms are not clean.
  • Dirty surfaces including unclean sinks, toilet handles, and soap dispensers as that is where bacteria grow.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure your restrooms stay clean.

  • Make sure that your restrooms remain stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. This is best accomplished by knowing what are the peak hours for restroom use and make sure maintenance checks regularly to ensure you never run out.
  • Facility managers should implement an odor maintenance system. By keeping toilets clean and neutralizing odor-causing bacteria, fragrances last longer because odors are eliminated versus being just masked.
  • Establish a daily maintenance schedule making sure floors are clean, free of puddles and dry, toilets and urinals are cleaned and sanitized, the sink areas are clean and sanitized, trash is emptied, and that there are no lingering odors.
  • Establish a Deep Cleaning Schedule – This is where System4 can you help! With our new All Cleaner XP System, we are able to provide a cleaning solution that will be the capstone of your restroom maintenance program. Again it is important that restrooms are clean as it will help create a positive and favorable impression leading customer and employee satisfaction.

Give us a call today at 317-222-1039 to find out how we can help using our All Cleaner XP System!

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