Construction Project Final Cleans

Construction projects range in size and scope. There are large projects that take several months or over a year to complete. These might be brand new buildings with retails spaces, parking garages, athletic centers, housing units or apartments, shopping units, performance halls, indoor/outdoor space combination units and other major building projects. Smaller projects might be an office remodel or refresh, new home, or a updated restaurant building.

Site supervisors and construction project managers know that they must budget for a final clean of the space and sometimes even need to have cleanings performed during the project. Budgeting, planning, and scheduling the final clean is very important to ensure the project is completed on time. For higher dollar construction projects, it’s common to have the space cleaned several times throughout the build and then a thorough clean upon completion. Regardless of the project size, a final clean is required before the project is considered to be fully complete.

What does it mean to have a final clean and what is included?                              

A final clean means that the entire space that was under construction is thoroughly wiped down from ceiling to floor and everything in between. That means that every surface is touched with the proper cleaning process and that all of the building spaces are ready for use.

These are all services included in a final clean and it all has to be done before the construction project is finalized.

  • Dusting high and low
  • Window washing
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Dusting, wiping down, and/or polishing all fixtures
  • Wiping off and disinfecting horizontal surfaces
  • Removing factory seals
  • Hot spots and touch points that have collected dirt or dust
  • Large debris and screws/nails/electrical pieces need to be removed from floors
  • Hard flooring must be swept and mopped
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets
  • All cabinets need to be wiped out

Because construction projects get so dusty and dirty with all of the equipment and construction crews in and out daily, cleaning professionals doing final cleans on these projects have to know what they’re doing. Dealing with this type of project is a big task. It’s important that it’s done correctly and within the time frame that correlates to the intended completion date. Since construction projects commonly get delayed or the timelines change quickly, cleaners have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Even though many construction crews do their best to clean as they go, a final clean is always necessary.

Professional cleaners will use the right supplies and chemicals on the new surfaces to wipe away construction dust and dirt. It’s common for cleaners to deal with the removal of factory stickers and seals on window or partition glass, counter tops or other horizontal surfaces, cabinetry, and different types of flooring. Having those removed properly without scratching surfaces or leaving streaks and residue is important for the final delivery of the finished project.

A construction project will only be truly ‘done’ upon completion of the final clean and getting the right professional cleaning crew on the job makes all the difference for project managers.

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