Controlling The Spread Of Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens

Source: | Re-Post System4 5/9/2019 –

The greatest medical issue of the 21st century is taking place in hospitals everywhere, and its prevalence is directly correlated to poor engineering, and to some extent, improper cleaning. The problem is the rise of antibiotic resistant pathogens and the situation is growing more dire due in part to the lack of accountability hospitals are taking in the health of their visitors, says Chris Garner, chief engineer at SPW Disease Prevention Engineering in Arnold, Maryland.

While one might think hospitals would be on the frontline of disease prevention tactics, they’re actually making the situation worse, says Garner. Typically, employees at these facilities fail to take responsibility for whether someone leaves a hospital alive or unharmed. They do this because they’re too concerned about being found liable.

The issue could be heavily improved upon by implementing greater disease prevention engineering in hospitals, says Garner.

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