Deep clean… What do you mean?

All facilities need to have a deep clean performed in addition to their regular cleanings. Whether an office, school, theater, clinic or hospital, church, library, restaurant, salon, or factory environment, deep cleans are necessary and should be part of the building’s routine maintenance plan. A deep cleaning will keep a space healthy and looking its best, plus it can boost the spirits of those who use the space regularly. Deep cleans are proven to make environments healthier and reduce the number of employee sick days.


What is a deep clean?

Facilities have daily and weekly routines that include vacuuming, wiping and disinfecting surfaces, emptying trash, etc. Deep cleans go a few steps farther than these regular office cleanings. It will hit on areas that tend to collect grime and/or clutter over time. When a deep clean is done, furniture is moved and cleaned underneath, drawers and cabinets are emptied and wiped out, bathrooms are more thoroughly scrubbed and polished, stains are removed from tile grout, filters are changed and air ducts cleaned out. Overall, surfaces need to be more thoroughly disinfected during a deep clean. Carpets and windows may also be included with a deep clean. Over time, even with regular cleanings, dirt and grime builds up and a deep clean is necessary to get rid of it plus those hard-to-reach areas are hit.


How often should a deep clean be done?

As with any frequency question, it depends on the building and the space’s use. Things to consider when determining a deep clean routine include knowing the hot spot areas, number of people using the facility, and type of facility. At a minimum, deep cleans should be performed annually. Spring is an ideal time to do a deep clean and it’s easy to remember to do a “Spring clean.” Facilities that get higher traffic or are potentially exposed to more germs, may opt to have a quarterly deep clean done.

Work with your facility manager to recognize when a deep clean is necessary and identify the areas of your facility that need the most attention. Your building will be healthier and those using it will notice a difference!

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