Office Partition Glass Care

If you work in an office setting then you are likely familiar with partitions. These barriers separate offices, reception desks, conference rooms, executive suites, and more. Many offices have partitions made of glass and it’s a particularly common choice in newer office space construction. Some office doors are even made of entirely glass now and it’s very common in modern office spaces. Partition glass looks great, can yield a clean design appearance, and provides open visibility without disruption.

Partition glass has many benefits for offices but also presents the challenge of keeping it clean, streak-free, and fingerprint-free. The overall maintenance of partition glass should be handled with care. As with most all facility services, maintaining partition glass correctly and consistently will not only keep it looking great for those using the space but it will also prolong the life of the material.

There are several types of partition glass.

  • Floor to ceiling glass
  • Partial glass, partial wood or another material
  • Clear, frosted, milky, smoked, laminated, textured, reflective
  • With a frame or frameless
  • Acoustic glass that can absorb sounds to control noise levels
  • Privacy glass where a switch can be installed so it is clear or solid

It is always recommended that a professional clean glass partitions in any space to ensure they are well maintained and looking their best. Cleaning glass is not as easy as it may seem and it’s easy to end up with a mess when not cleaned correctly. Cleaners know that a razor blade should never be used on glass as it could damage the glass. They also know how to clean partition glass with care so it doesn’t get scratched, chemicals aren’t over-applied, and so it has longevity. A glass cleaning expert will have the right tools, chemicals, and knowledge to keep partitions clean and clear so they can do perform their function without being a distraction.


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