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In this day and age, the effective maintenance and management of a facility has become increasingly important. Buildings have become smarter, technology is becoming more sophisticated and all of it needs to be managed effectively to ensure that a business is running properly and smoothly. The responsibilities of a Facilities Manager are key to the success of any business. The article below talks about the role of a facility manager and shares a few tips to help be successful. Enjoy the article and give us a call if there are any needs that System4 of Indianapolis can help within your facility.

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

When you’re in charge of an entire building, including its system, equipment, grounds, and infrastructure, you have a wide variety of tasks to tackle each day. But facilities managers need to know more than how to spot problems or maintain office grounds. They also need to have a big-picture knowledge. That should include an understanding of their building, and how they are regulated by local communities. Facilities managers must also understand how to manage their own time to make sure everything continues to work properly. Beyond technical knowledge, here are some of the most important things that facilities managers should know.

Facility Efforts Fit into Business Goals

Facility management is a combination of tasks that must be completed on time, but also within the goals of the business. For example, reducing operational costs, making sure the employees have a good place to get their work done so that the company can be successful, and taking the initiative to improve the facility so guests and employees have a positive impression of the business.

Create a Proactive Facility Plan

The biggest obstacles for facility managers are often due to breakages, stoppages, and other unexpected problems with equipment or the building. These kinds of issues tend to be distracting and urgent, and many of them could have been prevented with proactive maintenance. The best facility managers understand how to manage a schedule that will help them stay ahead of maintenance on each of their facilities.

Anticipate Problems

It is important to focus on data and schedules to stay proactive about maintaining the facility. Without proper planning, it is hard to tackle unexpected problems. Urgent matters can and do happen, even when you’ve stayed on top of maintenance. The best facility managers know how to expect problems – and even look forward to them. If they’ve planned properly and have done their homework, it will be easy to see problems as unique challenges and jump into problem-solving mode with hands-on solutions.

Latest Facility Trends and Technology

Whether an industrial company or general office building, new technology means smarter processes and more efficiency. Keeping up with building management news, attending conferences, and other relevant events will help you stay up to date with the latest technology.

Find a Reliable, Experienced and Vetted Network of Service Providers with Not-to-Exceed Limits

System4 Facilities Services Management is a national company with a local presence in over 60 markets. System4 creates customized solutions ranging from commercial cleaning, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, emergency repair and maintenance, etc. System4 provides its clients with a robust work order management software at no additional cost, called ServiceSync. ServiceSync allows a facilities manager to access a large network of reliable, experienced and vetted repair service providers for their buildings. Service providers can be managed with Not-to-Exceed (NTEs) limits for their services. NTEs will allow you to have more control over your service providers, reduce overall spend, and have access to valuable reporting & metrics. System4 and ServiceSync will give you more time to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Interested in learning more about System4 and ServiceSync? Contact us today to set-up a time to discuss options for your facility.

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