Floor Care When the Weather Outside is Frightful!

We’re nearing the end of winter and many of us are looking forward to the spring weather. There are likely, however, several more wintry days ahead of us.


How is your facility looking? How are the floors, carpets, rugs, and matting? Perhaps a bit dingy from the elements?

Inevitably, salt, slop, and moisture from ice and snow will be tracked in the during winter months. Especially after a hard snow, those using the facility will track in slush from the outside. Floors will get wet and slippery so maintaining them every day is critical.


Matting & Maintenance

To ensure the safety of your building, make sure that extra rugs or matts are placed at entryways as needed. They will get saturated and additional care will be necessary but it’s a far better option than the risk of having an employee or customer slip and fall on wet floors. Letting it go can be hazardous and could also deteriorate floors under where mats should go costing more in the long run.

If you need more matts, now is a good time to invest. There are many styles and sizes so you will want to consult your service provider before ordering to ensure you get the right fit for all the areas at your facility. Frequently vacuuming matts will help keep salt from being tracked into your building. When properly maintained, will last for years and make a significant difference to the appearance and functionality of your facility.

Responsible Floor Care & Maintenance

For schools, hospitals, and any facility with high traffic areas, on-duty janitorial staff will need to do diligence in maintaining indoor flooring. It’s common for hallways at these facilities to have vinyl tile or rubber tile flooring. After heavy use, matting may need to be dried or switched out and it’s likely that a dry mop will need to be used to soak up additional moisture on the floors beyond where matts reach. Facilities managers can determine good times to check the maintenance of floors and matting to get a schedule for floor care throughout the day. For schools, first thing after students arrive and are in their classrooms. Hospitals need to maintain both main entrances and any emergency areas to ensure safety. It’s a good idea to wet clean matts too and again, vacuuming rugs and matts regularly will help keep them looking nice.


Overall, buildings will have winter elements to contend to inside. When Spring comes, a deep clean of floors is recommended. Maintenance now, will keep flooring safe and looking as good as possible while dealing with winter slush.

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