Flu Season And The Workplace

Girl blowing her nose into a tissue while reading her temperature

Source: BIG IDEAS for Small Business | Repost Systmem4 1/23/2020 –

According to one scholarly paper, which examined the effects of employment on influenza rates, “the spread of the influenza virus is linked with higher employment, particularly in industry sectors with the highest levels of interpersonal contact.”

In effect, recognize that if an employee infected with the flu comes to work, he or she could infect others. Instead of losing productivity from the employee who brought the flu to your workplace, now you have lost productivity from other employees.


Encourage Healthy Workplace Practices

Staying healthy is the first line of defense against the flu.

  • Sanitize work surfaces. These include telephones, keyboards, and doors of refrigerators and microwaves. Provide sanitizing wipes for this purpose.
  • Avoid sharing things, such as food, keyboards, and office telephones.
  • Provide information on the flu to staff (e.g., importance of getting flu shots, which may be covered by your company’s medical plan).

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