Future Of Fitness Centers – Post Pandemic

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If you own or operate a fitness center, you know the impact that the pandemic has had on your business. The good news is that fitness centers in Indianapolis are not going to go away. People recognize the need to stay fit. Especially post-pandemic! The article below shares some perspectives on what the future of fitness centers will look like. Check out the article and give me us call if have facilities cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Wayne Holland – President System4 of Indianapolis

Health and fitness trends will continue to keep fitness centers in Indianapolis and gyms busy because society still desires to keep active and fit – just a bit differently than before. Fitness centers are working on new concepts that will benefit staff and customers – increase cleaning and disinfecting protocols, etc.

Fitness Industry – Post Pandemic

According to entrepreneur Mark Cuban in this article from MensHealth,  boutique fitness centers will thrive. “People will want to go where they cannot only get a great workout but also socialize. The other benefit: each machine at these single modality gyms acts as its own “pod” to avoid cross-contamination with the right capacity, cleaning and ventilation.”

“Gyms will be reengineered,” says Eric Roza, CEO of CrossFit Inc. “As infectious disease transmission becomes an on-going concern, gyms continue to do rigorous equipment cleaning and distancing between athletes, temperature checks, mask wearing and capacity limits. Other safety standards will be based on emerging science and new tools. Because COVID-19 spreads through the air, we’ll see more virus-filtering HEPA systems and CO2 meters. If the CO2 level in the gym stays under a certain level, that means the air circulation is excellent and comparable to being outside.”

Gym Launch Founder Alex Hormozi says that regular gyms will step up their game. “Many clients will need help performing workouts. To survive, brick-and-mortar gyms must double down on delivering customer service. This means that members will look for one-on-one instruction inside an environment where they feel safe and confident. One of the best ways to help increase guest perception of their environment is to ensure that a gym’s common areas remain sparkling clean and disinfected. A recent study in Nature found that gyms are among the four riskiest places for transmission of disease. The CDC recommended gyms take on all sorts of infection-lessening measures: more cleaning and distancing between machines and athletes, hand sanitizer near weights and machines, masks and enforce capacity limits. But even with some restrictions lifted, gyms should be thinking about what they’ve put in place and what they might want to keep in place. Distancing, overall cleanliness protocols, hand sanitizing and hand washing stations. Continuing these measures might just be necessary to assuage lingering fears and compel people to return. Some gyms attempt to keep their cleaning in-house, however its hard to control the level of cleanliness when employees are trying to make sure that other guest accommodations are addressed.

System4 can help gyms of all sizes with their new standard of clean protocols. System4 works closely with fitness centers and gyms to create customized janitorial and disinfecting programs that meet the unique needs of their facility. System4 can add time back in your day, reduce overall operational stress and streamline cleaning and disinfecting processes for your facility. Contact System4 if interested in learning about customized janitorial and disinfecting programs for fitness centers and gyms.

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