Happy New Year – Stay Warm & Safe!

From all of us at System4 of Indianapolis, we hope you, your friends and family had a wonderful holiday. And, we wish you a happy New Year!

Part of making the holiday season great is staying warm and cozy. Here in the Midwest, temperatures have dropped well below zero degrees and temperatures will remain at freezing levels well into the new year. Has your facility taken the proper precautions during these cold winter days to maintain a safe, clean, and comfortable space for clients and employees?

No matter what type of business or facility you manage, below are some necessary measures to consider this winter. While this is not an extensive list, it will get you thinking about proper building safety and maintenance during freezing temperatures.

1. Parking lot snow removal
Make sure parking lots are clear and ready for vehicles to park. Have designated areas for excess snow to be deposited by trucks and plows that maintain a parking lot. Do loading docks need special care? Do specific signs need to be cleared of snow for visibility? Are fire lanes clear?

2. Cleared and safe sidewalks
It is important that outdoor spaces are clear of snow and ice to prevent slips and falls. When ice is present, be sure that salt or sand are sprinkled about. Are sidewalks at your facility safe? Are smoking areas clear for those using them?

3. Rug care and floor cleanup
Placing additional rugs at facility entrances reduces the amount of dirt and moisture entering a building. There will be an increase in debris people track in during the winter months. Tile hallways or entrance areas need extra attention to reduce moisture and prevent slips and falls.

4. HVAC tune-up and maintenance
Routinely clean and replace air vents and filters. Ensure thermostats are working properly and have fresh batteries. Consider installing additional insulation and set temperatures lower when facilities are closed to conserve energy. An inspection can help ensure HVAC equipment is safe and functioning effectively.

5. Emergency equipment maintenance
It is quite critical that all facilities have adequate fire alarms, extinguishers, flashlights, and medical kits available in case of an emergency. You may even want to ensure there are blankets and electric heaters available. Ensure equipment is in functioning order and that extra batteries are available.

Hiring reliable service professionals to maintain critical areas of your facility is highly advised. No facility manager wants the risk and liability of having slips, falls or other issues and accidents during winter months. Adequate preparation for freezing temperatures keeps your facility cleaner and safer for those using it. Make sure you’re facility is prepared to have the happiest of new years!

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