Healthcare Odor Hot Spots

Clean hospital

Source: CleanLink | Re-Post System4Indy 9/26/2019 –

In hospitals and long-term care facilities, perhaps the biggest odor hotspots are patient or resident rooms. In many cases, more square footage is dedicated to these spaces than any other area of the facility. Also, when dealing with vulnerable populations, there’s an increased chance for odors from bodily fluids, such as vomit or urine, and feces caused by incontinence.

Also, most patient and resident rooms include private restrooms, which dramatically increases the likelihood of odors.

Managing smells in these spaces very often includes using multiple products. In addition to routine cleaning with scented products, environmental services (EVS) departments use urine remover as needed to deal with accidents, and deodorize carpets on a regular basis.

Given the nature of the room, however, most facilities also use ancillary odor control devices. Neutralizing gel beads absorb — not simply mask — odors while also releasing a pleasant scent. Time-released wall-mounted dispensing systems may also be used to spray a fragrance on a regular basis.

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