How Cleanliness Affects Guest Perception

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The perception that a potential or current client has of your business is something you should pay attention to. If they perceive your business as clean and healthy, they are more likely to do or continue to do business with you than if their perception is different. The article below talks about the importance of someone’s perception of how clean your business is and its impact. Enjoy the article and give me a call if I can help in any way!

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

It is hard to perceive the value of cleanliness. Most feel “cleaning” is a series of chores we complete, but for others, it is an art form. There is one fact we do know – people prefer to be clean. Being clean influences everything that we do, the decisions we make and opinions we form. The perceived cleanliness of something is a significant contributor to our perception of it. We form opinions of people, products and businesses based on not just how clean it appears but how clean it feels. We naturally associate clean spaces with health, positivity and vibrance.  

A recent study that measured the public’s opinion and attitude of a facility based on its perceived cleanliness found that the level of cleanliness was 3x more influential in determining the overall customer rating compared to any other metric. 

Understanding the perception and importance of being clean is important to appreciate its value – and cost. Many people cite cleanliness as the most important factor for consumers when evaluating a restaurant – it is clear that providing a good dining experience is about more than the quality of food or the service you provide. More than 50% of gym-goers expect their gym to be free of germs. Nobody wants to sit on someone else’s sweat and it is not hard to conclude that the equipment may be unsanitary when the floors are dirty and the bathrooms are in disarray. 

If your business services customers on-site, you will benefit from paying close attention to these areas: 

  • Keep all surfaces free of dirt – tables, countertops, windows, mirrors
  • Clean where you walk – regularly maintain floors/carpet, remove clutter 
  • Pay extra attention to sanitary spaces – address bad odors, kitchen areas 
  • Do not forget the small stuff – door handles, ceiling fans, baseboards 

Whether you manage a gym, restaurant, medical office, car dealership, etc. System4 of Indianapolis Facilities Services Management can help you! We are an industry leader in commercial cleaning, disinfecting, repair and maintenance services. We create customized solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are your one-point-of-contact for all service provider needs.

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