How Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are Making Long-Term Floor Care More Sustainable

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Limiting Your Finishing

Situations can turn out in mysterious ways, and often for the better. And for those of us who are strong advocates of greener and more sustainable cleaning strategies, this appears to be happening today when it comes to floor care.

One of the key reasons is because luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have mysteriously become much more popular than ever expected.

Introducing Luxury Vinyl

LVT floors were introduced about 15 years ago for the residential market. The term “luxury” is a bit of a misnomer, because this is not a luxury floor in the traditional sense. LVT floors are vinyl floors designed using computers to look like luxury floors.

LVT floors can now be found in many commercial facilities. According to recent data, LVT now accounts for nearly 40 percent of the resilient floor industry installations. In 2015, Floor Focus magazine’s “Resilient Flooring Market Update” reported while vinyl composite tile (VCT) still holds the top spot, LVT sales have been increasing at about 11 percent per year. VCT sales are increasing at only about 2.6 percent per year.

Here is where the green and sustainable factors come in. VCT floors, as most cleaning professionals know, traditionally require finishing, scrubbing, stripping, and then refinishing, once again. In fact, this is the recommended ongoing floor care program for VCT floors.

Limiting Your Finishing

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