How To Manage Spills, Spots and Stains On Your Commercial Carpets

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Spills are going to happen on your commercial carpets. How you respond is key to helping to keep them spot and stain-free. The article below shares a number of tips you can use to stay on top of your carpets and helping to maintain a positive impression for your workers and guests in your facilities. After reading the article, give us a call to see how System4 can help with your carpets as well as your other facility cleaning needs.

Wayne Holland – President System4 of Indianapolis

Spots, spills and stains. They are often the first things visitors to your facility notice about your floor coverings. Left untreated, spots and stains on carpets have the potential to create a negative impression of your business, school or commercial building. However, an early response can help reduce the incidence of permanent blemishes and keep your facility carpet looking fresh and clean no matter what life throws (or drops) at it!

Spot Versus Stain

The difference between a spot and a stain is about 24 hours, according to CleanLink. Treated quickly, spots and spills are easier to clean. But if a spot sits and becomes a stain it will be more challenging to remove and likely to become permanent.

How Often Should You Check for a Spot or Stain?

Commercial carpeting is a big investment. You can help prolong its life cycle and keep it looking attractive by treating and cleaning spots and stains as quickly as they are noticed. Checking for them daily should be a routine aspect of your maintenance program; System4 recommends the following:

  • Preventionusing an entrance mat will remove 90% of dirt from the shoes of employees and visitors. Take precautions to prevent certain types of spots and stains before they happen with exterior and interior mating.
  • Daily Vacuuming & Inspection – regular carpet cleaning, especially in high traffic areas, remove debris and dirt and prevents it from grinding into fibers. A frequent spot check of all areas allows new spots to be treated quickly before they become permanent stains.
  • Interim Carpet Cleaning – interim maintenance will help keep your carpeting retain its like-new appearance longer and will help improve performance. Interim carpet cleaning is performed less frequently than daily but should be planned often for high traffic areas.
  • Periodic Deep Carpet Cleaning – sometimes referred to as restorative maintenance, do this less frequently – perhaps twice a year – to deep clean carpets and remove embedded dirt and soil.

How to Treat the Spot or Stain

It’s important to have a wide variety of chemicals in your cleaning arsenal for when accidents strike. When using chemicals, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to help prevent stain reappearance and to ensure that you are handling the chemical safely. If you are concerned about whether you are using the right chemical for your carpet cleaning needs or using the proper equipment for a periodic deep cleaning, then consult System4 Facility Services Management. System4 specializes in creating customized janitorial programs that meet the unique need of businesses just like yours!

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