Hygiene Tips For Returning To Office Post-Lockdown

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As businesses continue to open, they are faced with many challenges to help keep their workforce and the customers safe. I came across this article from Welcome to the Jungle that has some great information and insight on some of the practices to follow to ensure your own safety as well as others.

The CDC recommends and encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as doors handles, counter, tabletops, light switches, bathroom fixtures, phones, keyboards, tablets, and tables, to name but a few. With electrostatic application, the disinfecting chemicals will cling to all surfaces, even areas that are normally hard to disinfect. When it is imperative that all surfaces are treated it is recommended to use electrostatic treatment. At System4, we use electrostatic treatment helping our clients to keep their businesses clean and safe for all.

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Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

Source: Welcome to the Jungle | Repost System4 Indy 7-9-2020 – 

After months working from home or furloughed, a return to office life is looming for many of us as restrictions are eased. The office, however, is going to be a very different place when you do finally make it back to your desk. Not only has your employer had to make big changes regarding hygiene levels and employee safety, but you do too. Here we talk to health and safety expert Neil Cruden about how you can help to make your workplace as safe as possible and avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Companies have had to implement serious changes to the workplace to protect staff during the pandemic. This is evident in those places already open, such as supermarkets, factories, garden centres, healthcare facilities and car showrooms, and will extend to offices when they start to open their doors too. Think staggered schedules, increased cleaning, one-way systems, screens, floor markings and barriers to help with social distancing.

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