Keeping Floors Clean During Storm Season

Source: | Re-Post System4 10/11/2017 – 

Unexpected weather conditions plague businesses, no matter what time of year. Due to their unpredictable nature, foreseeing what type of cleaning a facility will need to keep its floors clean on a daily basis can prove difficult. To help businesses protect their floors – and their customers – from the ravages of weather-wear, Cintas Corporation offers a floor cleaning checklist to help keep floors clean, protected and in top condition.

“A clean floor speaks volumes about a business,” said John Engel, Director of Marketing, Cintas. “If the weather causes customers and employees to track in mud, rain, and debris, the floors see the worst of it. By following a comprehensive floor cleaning program, facilities can enjoy peace of mind and know they’re doing their best to protect and project a positive image onto customers.”

The following checklist will help organizations enhance their floor cleaning program:

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