Kill Unhealthy Organisms in Your Facility

Cleaning removes surface dirt and can make a space look cleaner. Sanitizing is important for maintaining a healthy space by reducing bacteria. But, all facilities need to have a daily process for disinfecting common spaces with well used surfaces.

What does it mean to disinfect?
Disinfecting is a chemical process applied after cleaning that kills 100% of unhealthy bacteria on a surface. There are several types of disinfectant products and the type used depends on the location being disinfected.

Disinfectants are “one of three groups of antimicrobials registered by EPA for public health uses. EPA considers an antimicrobial to be a disinfectant when it destroys or irreversibly inactivates infectious or other undesirable organisms, but not necessarily their spores. EPA registers three types of disinfectant products based upon submitted efficacy data: limited, general or broad spectrum, and hospital disinfectant.” (Source: Indoor Air Quality Glossary) 

What needs to be disinfected?
What is disinfected and the process for disinfecting needs to be matched to the facility type and surface. For example, hospitals need more powerful disinfectant chemicals than business offices. Think about spaces that are touched and used by many people every day at a restaurant, libraries, schools, and retail stores. In general, any facility where there are publicly shares spaces needs to disinfect those commonly used surfaces regularly.


  • Bathroom surfaces, toilets, counters, sinks, faucet handles, doorknobs, handles, light switches, sanitary napkin disposals, soap dispensers
  • Baby changing stations
  • Tabletops, countertops, desks, workspaces
  • Phones, remote controls, light switches, doorknobs and handles

How should my facility disinfect?
Disinfecting with the right chemicals, the right way will ensure that a facility is 100% free from bacteria. Disinfectants must be applied wet for up to 10 minutes before wiping clean. Hiring a quality facility sevices management company to manage cleaning crews, scheduling, chemicals, and supplies for disinfecting is the best way to ensure a healthy indoor environment. It makes a difference having scheduled maintenance, the proper equipment, and educated cleaners who know how to disinfect correctly.


  • Clean surfaces thoroughly before disinfecting
  • Match the type of disinfectant to the bacteria you want to kill
  • Use quality, green products that are safe for the environment
  • Read cleaning disinfectant solution labels and follow instructions
  • Set up an effective, daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule

When a facility is not clean, clients and customers notice, guests notice, and employees definitely notice. Failure to properly disinfect, however, can affect business and employment, not to mention make people sick. Disinfect to kill organisms to keep your facility clean but also to keep everyone healthy!

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