Learn The Difference Between Traditional Disinfection and Microshield 360


In the fight against COVOD-19, it needs to be understood that traditional disinfectants are effective for seconds and are considered a reactionary solution. What that means is it will kill germs and viruses that are there but it does not protect beyond that point in time. Microshield 360 was designed to protect surfaces so that germs and viruses cannot develop keeping your workers and clients safe.

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Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

We all take measures in our daily life to stay ahead of problems. We eat well and exercise to keep us out of the doctor’s office. We change the oil in our cars to avoid costly trips to the mechanic. Why wouldn’t we take the same approach to keeping our workplaces safe from germs and pathogens?

MicroShield 360’s Germ Prevention system excels where traditional disinfectants fall short.

While traditional disinfectants are effective for seconds and are a reactionary solution, our antimicrobial coating system constantly fights germs and prevents their development for an entire year. MicroShield 360 puts you ahead of the game in keeping your coworkers healthy and safe from infection. Experience the benefits of a safe, long-lasting solution to germ prevention and stop the problem before it starts.

Be Preventative, Not Reactionary.

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