Office Cleaning Tips for Summer

Orig. Post March 7, 2014 by Sam Harwood, ImageOneUSA | Re-Post July 7, 2015

Let’s face it, cleaning your office whether it’s in your home or a large purpose built building isn’t at the top of the list of your favourite ways to spend your time. But whether you’re a regular worker or you’re a manager, a clean office reflects professionalism and boosts morale. So as unpleasant as the task may be, it’s a necessary evil.

Though your office may have undergone a thorough Spring-cleaning, the warmer Summer months tend to bring increased dust, dirt and humidity, which requires another round of cleaning. To make your Summer office cleaning efficient and easy, Swift Office Cleaning Services has come up with some tip tips to achieve office cleaning success.

Floors and Carpets

Whether your office has wood floors or carpet, Summer is the perfect time to thoroughly wash and do some floor/carpet cleaning. Carpets are a repository for dust and pollen that’s prevalent in the Spring, so you’ll want to do more than just running a vacuum, you’ll have to give them a deep clean.

If you have wood floors, now’s the time to use a good wood cleaner that will buff and polish the surface. Wood floors get nicked easily, so they require a lot of upkeep or they’ll get dull.

Window Cleaning

Windows are one of the hardest things to keep clean in any office. If your office is in a high-rise, it’s even more difficult, as one would imagine, to effectively clean the outside windows. And here in the UK, summer showers can leave windows spotted and streaked. To get those outside windows sparkling, you’ll want to hire a good office cleaner who has the equipment to clean windows high up. There’s nothing better than gazing up at your office windows and having them shine after they’ve just been professionally cleaned. Make sure you hit all the windows, both on the inside and the outside.

Desks, Tables and Countertops

Summer brings a ton of allergens and other pollutants that can cause health problems like hay fever, at the office. To combat this, make sure you wipe down all desks, tables and countertops with an effective disinfectant. Office kitchens and bathrooms are especially attractive to germs, so hit those spots with as much elbow grease as possible. If possible, use ‘green’ products that are free of chemicals that could leave harmful toxins after you’ve cleaned. While you’re at it, you might as well organize all the office desks!

Sofas and Chairs

Many offices have waiting rooms or lobbies that can benefit from a Summer cleaning. Vacuum those sofas and cushioned chairs, and consider hiring a professional cleaner for a shampoo. An old sofa can look brand new after a good fabric wash, which will brighten up your whole office. After all, clients and customers will form first impressions when they walk into your waiting room or lobby. Ensure that first impression is a good one by remembering to clean these important areas.

Window Blinds, Curtains and Drapes

Most offices have some kind of window shading, whether it’s blinds, drapes or curtains. Don’t forget to clean these items as they’re notorious for attracting dirt and pollutants. You can clean blinds with water and cloth, but curtains and drapes probably need to go to a professional cleaner as stains and dirt are harder to remove. Like carpets, drapes and curtains can look new after a once-a-year deep clean.

These tips will help get your office in top condition during the Summer, although your office may need the help of a professional Indianapolis office cleaner to get the job done.

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