Office Facility Maintenance FAQs

How often should my office be cleaned?

The frequency of an office cleaning depends on several factors but mainly how often the office is open, how many people use it each day, and what type of business is conducted at the building. Most often, offices need to be cleaned more than once a week. While many offices only opt for once a week janitorial services, they quickly realize that dust builds up, trash overflows, and consumables run low between services. More often than not, offices will not budget for janitorial services or will brush it aside to cut corners and unfortunately, it’s a simple fact that those offices are not as clean as they could/should be. Most offices need a minimum of twice per week services. And it may come as a surprise that cleaning more often does not double the price of services and actually is a better option in many cases than only cleaning once per week. The expense will be slightly higher, but the benefits outweigh the expense because the office is cleaner, better stocked, and ready for business. A cleaner office presents better to customers and will yield fewer sick days among staff.


What are the “hot spot” areas in all office buildings that need the most attention?

Bathrooms, breakrooms, and common areas need the most attention on a regular basis. Those who work full time at an office building use the public office bathroom(s) every day. Many employees bring lunch to the office and/or use the breakrooms regularly. It is typical for there to be a coffee mess, for example, (because what office worker doesn’t need a hot cup of joe in the morning to get the day going?!). Other common areas include lobbies, meeting spaces, kitchenettes, and outdoor patio areas. Trash that contains food waste needs to be emptied regularly to prevent any type of infestation. It’s very important to make sure restrooms, breakrooms, and common areas get regular janitorial attention and appropriate spaces need to be disinfected. Trash must be taken out. Floors must be swept and mopped. Other spots that should be regularly cleaned include phones, light switches, and any surface that gets regular use.


Other than janitorial cleaning, what regular office facility services should be managed?

The list of what is needed at an office space can get extensive as you start to consider everything involved with facility services because it’s never just limited to janitorial cleaning. Here’s a short list of services that need to be addressed at any office to maintain the facility well.

  • Window washing interior and exterior
  • Pressure washing outdoor patios, sidewalks, and furniture
  • Strip/wax of vinyl flooring and burnishing regularly
  • Hot water extract of carpets and upholstery
  • Lightbulb replacement and ceiling light fixture cleaning
  • HVAC preventative maintenance and filter replacements
  • Parking lot sweeping and restriping

Overall, the best way to ensure an office space at any building is cleaned well and has a complete maintenance program is to work with a reputable facility services management team on their side. Those with the right experience, tools, and agreements will keep office staff from having to deal with these services on top of their regular job functions. It will make all the difference for any business at any office.

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