Out with Winter Tools, In with Landscaping Equipment

It’s important to maintain your building and all of its resources. That means taking proper care of equipment throughout all seasons. Proper maintenance and storage for your winter tools and landscaping equipment will make sure it’s ready when you need to use it and that you don’t run into any unexpected time and money sucking repair issues.

In the spring, evaluate your tools and equipment. Take an inventory of everything. Did you have enough equipment to handle the winter season? Were all pieces working properly? Now is the time to clean, service, repair, and store all your facility’s winter outdoor equipment and properly store it away so that items don’t get damaged. Make sure to pay attention to snow blowers, shovels, and quantity of salt. Taking care of your cold weather gear now is good preparation for next winter.

It’s also time to start thinking about landscaping at your building. The trees are budding, flowers popping up, and the grass is going to start growing sooner than later. Is all of your lawn equipment working properly and pulled out of storage? Check gas tanks, air filters, and tires on your mowers. Clean and replace them as needed. Sharpen or replace blades on mowers and trimmers. Ensure that electrical cords are in good working order and that there are enough extension cords to do the job. Store all items securely to prevent damage and so they are easy to access next time they’re needed.

Overall, know your winter and landscaping equipment. Service it based on its age and use but always follow maintenance best practices and safety guidelines. When it comes to budgeting, building in service, repair, and replacement costs for all equipment throughout the year can save you in the long run with better preparation and fewer unwanted surprises.

Having the proper equipment that is well-functioning is important for your maintenance crews and will help your building and property look great and stay that way!

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