Outdoor Building Spring Maintenance Checklist

 Facility managers know that the cold winter months can be tough on the exterior of their building(s). Snow and ice can affect many outdoor aspects that should be evaluated, cared for, and properly maintained. It’s the only way to be proactive about preventing potential further damage and unplanned expenses when it comes to building maintenance.

In the spring have your building maintenance crews thoroughly check the following items.

1.)  Inspect the roof — Thoroughly check to ensure there are no damages outside that could transfer to further damage through leaks on the ceiling indoors.

2.)  Clean out gutters — Any decaying plant materials need to be removed to prevent mold, moisture issues, and water overflow; Check gutters for any damages and repair or replace as necessary.

3.)  Trim bushes and trees — Remove any overgrowth that may be hazardous or that is touching the building.

4.)  Windows — Have outdoor windows professionally cleaned to remove winter grime; check for cracks or other damages and ensure seals are secure.

5.)  Sidewalks and parking lots — Pressure washing to remove stains and extra salt, residue, sand, or stones that may have collected; check for cracks, holes, and other damages that may need repaired; Re-stripe faded parking lot paint.

6.)  Fences, decks, and break areas — fix any wood that may have been damaged or that is rotting; Reapply weatherproofing or stain decks as necessary; Replace damaged garbage cans and if there’s designated smoking area, make sure there are safe cigarette receptacles available.

7.)  HVAC maintenance —Replace filters and consider having the ducts in your system cleaned to remove dust and potential allergens; Remove any debris that may have collected on outdoor units.

When it comes to facility management, more than just janitorial needs inside should be addressed. While it’s always good to be aware of what’s going on with outdoor building maintenance, Spring is the perfect time to do a thorough walkaround. Remember, issues with the outside of the building can transfer to the inside. Take care of issues before they become large, costly projects.


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