Outdoor Window Washing: Keep it Clear

Facilities large and small need professional outdoor window washing at regular intervals. Depending on budget and need, quarterly or at biyearly cleanings are recommended. But for businesses that have a higher dependence on windows being clean for visibility and appearance, more frequent washings may be required. How does your facility handle outdoor window washing? Below are some things to know when it comes to keeping your building’s window clear.

When do you notice dirty windows the most?

In the spring after all the snow and slush has melted away and the sun is out you will see soiled windows and sills outside. In the summer pollen sticks everywhere leaving a thin film. So, there are certainly times in the year when dirty windows are most noticeable, and while those times tend to cycle with the seasons, windows should be maintained year-round.

Who should wash the building’s windows?

Now, some might think ‘I can wash the windows myself. How hard can it be?’ and those who have tried, most likely end up with a streaky, unclear, mess that has to be redone. Always hire a professional who has the experience and right supplies to get it done well in a reasonable timeframe. For buildings with more expansive windows, professionals also have the safety equipment and knowledge to do it right. A proper window cleaning will protect and maintain your buildings windows so that they last longer. Not washing them professionally can cause damage to them over time causing the need for replacements to be installed. Professionals know how to clean windows so they are clean, clear, and streak-free.

How can you budget for window washing expenses?

Outdoor window washing is a special service that has to be scheduled and needs to be included in facility budgeting. Depending on the building size, it can get expensive if it’s scheduled sporadically rather than being on a schedule. Having a predictable and realistic expectation for window washing costs will make this special service less of a challenge to manage. Talk to your facilities management contact about wrapping regular window washing services into your existing service expenses. Spreading the costs throughout the year makes it easier to keep a consistent budget that can be anticipated.


Knowing that the windows outside of your facility need to be cleaned and having a plan simply makes sense. Staying on top of window washing also makes a difference for your building’s maintenance practices and its appearance. Clean windows cause fewer distractions and will give you a clear view!

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