Pressure Washing Dumpster Areas

Dumpsters are for trash. Every facility has a trash area. Sometimes the bins are divided by type of trash (e.g. recycle, cardboard only, liquids/chemicals/grease, waste) but the space outside the building designated for trash is mostly the same from building to building. Often at manufacturing facilities, the dumpster areas are right behind the plant near loading docks. At restaurants, they are typically behind the building in a fenced off area. Offices will also place dumpsters out back and so on.

Because trash areas are for waste, they tend to get dirty. It is the job of those using the dumpsters and removing trash to tidy them up in most cases. Therefore cleaners, janitors, and other staff at the buildings need to monitor those outdoor spaces where dumpsters live. Most times, however, the spaces around the dumpster get dirty for lots of reasons. Slush and slop that may be in the trash bags escapes and leaks out while garbage is being dumped. Or there is simply trash that just doesn’t quite make it to the dumpster.

These bits of grime build up over time and will make dumpster areas even dirtier than they already are. When left to the natural course of dumpster use and not cleaned, they will start to stink and attract rodents or other critters. Other problems can also occur when dumpster areas are not well maintained including litter or even illegal dumping. Keeping dumpster lids closed, gates locked, and monitoring them regularly (either with staff or electronic monitoring cameras) is always a good idea.

However, when dumpster areas get particularly dumpy, trash can build up and the ground around the dumpster will get discolored and/or sticky. Especially at restaurants and spaces with food areas, the ground will get to a point that the only option left is to have a high-powered pressure washer and potentially cleaning chemicals applied to remove the dirt and grime. As with most special service cleaning projects, pressure washing in dumpster areas should be done regularly. Having a professional tech clean dumpsters and dumpster areas on a schedule will keep those spaces well maintained. They will be less of an eye sore and will not smell or cause other problems.

It’s important to always keep dumpster areas maintained. Pressure wash them regularly.

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