Preventing a Shutdown for Flu Mitigation Procedures at Your Facility

One of the worst things that can happen for any business is sick employees, missed work, and lost business. During flu season, proactive facility managers ensure that their business is protected against an outbreak. Because the flu can spread quickly if a facility is not cleaned well regularly or if the wrong chemicals are used and/or not applied to the necessary areas, every business is at some risk. Even worse than a minor outbreak, if a large percentage of employees become ill, business could come to a halt. In unfortunate and avoidable circumstances, the building itself could require a shutdown for a complete flu mitigation procedure.

Whether a school, office, restaurant, hospital or commercial building, facility managers need to ensure that there is a proactive method for cleaning highly used areas more frequently when risk of sickness if higher. It’s even more important to step up cleaning processes during flu season. That’s why many facilities opt to use more effective, higher grade disinfectant chemicals like Peroxy™ 4D to get the job done. Particularly during flu season or when there is an increase in staff absenteeism due to sickness at a facility, more frequent cleanings are key to prevention.

It’s recommended that high traffic areas are disinfected the right way daily. Specific areas, fixtures, and anything that is touched a lot also require special attention. Light switches… Door knobs… Cabinet and drawer handles. Any surface that humans come in frequent contact with is a touchpoint area that merits extra attention. Prevention is the best way to avoid unhealthy employees or lost time and business.

What if lots of people at the facility become ill and are missing work?

If too many employees become sick, a building shut down may become eminent. If this occurs, contact the facility’s management service and request that a flu mitigation procedure be done immediately. Closing the doors of the business for a few days to have a deep disinfecting process completed may be the quickest (and only!) way to ensure the facility is ready for business. Without it, more people will likely catch the virus and the cycle of missed work and lost time will continue. It may be advised that HVAC professionals are also called in to change filters and clean or service units and ducts. When a flu mitigation is required, it mean that cleaning crews have to take extra precautions too. Cleaners know that in these special situations require that they shield themselves with protective gear to avoid infections themselves. The mitigation will ultimately touch every surface and solve the issue so staff can return to a healthy, germ-free environment.

Make sure your facility is diligent about preventative flu procedures. Keep facilities clean and those using them healthy. It’s the best way to prevent the spread of germs, sick employees, missed work, missed business, and building shut downs.

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