Proper Care Of Your Carpets

Source: | Re-Post System4 5/11/2017 – 

It is often said that we learn from our mistakes. But when it comes to carpet care, there is no room for error. Using the wrong products or processes can result in permanent damage, impacting the carpet’s appearance and lifespan. But perhaps the greatest mistake of all, according to industry experts, is failure to implement a carpet maintenance program in the first place.

“Not having a proactive maintenance program for soft flooring is the downfall of many facilities,” notes Bill McGarvey, director of training and sustainability for Philip Rosenau Co., Warminster, Pennsylvania. “People wait until the carpets look dirty to clean them, but the problem is carpeting has been designed intentionally to hide the soil. So if we wait until it looks dirty to clean it, then how dirty is it really?”

Like McGarvey, Bill Griffin, president of Cleaning Consultant Services in Seattle, believes that the lack of a carpet maintenance program, including a regular cleaning schedule, is one of the biggest mistakes a facility can make. He also stresses the need for a comprehensive approach when planning and implementing a program.

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