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The hardest place to keep clean at our places of business is our restrooms. At System4, we are excited about our All Cleaner XP System. This cross-contamination cleaning training will allow us to Deep Clean and Disinfect your restroom with a no-contact approach that is more effective than manually wiping and scrubbing fixtures and other hard surfaces. As you develop your restroom maintenance plan, give us a call to see how the All Cleaner XP System can support your efforts in maintaining clean restrooms. Enjoy the article!

Wayne Holland – President, System4 Indianapolis

In the last article, we talked about the different design choices that can be made and how that can help in keeping restrooms clean and in great shape. It is also very important to have a good plan and proper training for your cleaning staff. Keeping your restrooms in tip-top shape is not a random event. It is a carefully designed process that ensures the removal of dirt and soil and the killing of germs, bacteria and viruses which protect clients, employees, and your reputation. Having a well-designed plan is essential to staying on top of restroom cleanliness.

Proper Training for Commercial Cleaning  Crews:


To start, you should provide both orientation training and follow-up training for all cleaning staff. Make sure that proper procedures are being used every day. Consistency is critical to staying on top of your restrooms.

Cross-contamination cleaning training should emphasize and demonstrate that cleaning procedures are part of the process and should never be ignored. It should also emphasize that shortcuts should never be taken. Cleaning staff needs to understand that all procedures, tasks, frequencies, equipment, and chemicals are part of that process. They also need to be taught a cleaning process that eliminates cross-contamination. For example, cleaning from high to low or from in to out.

Make PPE Standard Operating Procedure When Cleaning:


Training should include proper training on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) minimizing injuries and protecting employees and other building occupants. A good example is changing gloves frequently eliminating the chance that germs, bacteria and viruses are not spread from one room to another. The procedure should be outlined clearly so the cleaning staff knows exactly what is expected. Training should meet and/or exceed all federal, state, and local ordinances.

Proper Use of Cleaning Chemicals:


Managers should outline what chemicals are to be used and how to use them. That includes following the manufacturer directions ensuring maximum effectiveness. A broad-spectrum germicide disinfectant should be used in restrooms and cleaning staff need to know the “dwell or kill time” of the disinfectant.

Eliminate Cross-Contamination:


It is a good practice for cleaning staff to assume all surfaces are contaminated. Additionally, emphasis should be placed on the minimization of cross-contamination. For instance, a cloth used to clean toilets and urinals should not be used to clean the sinks or other fixtures in the restrooms. It is a good practice to use multi-colored microfiber cleaning cloths. You can assign a specific color to specific fixtures reducing the opportunity for cross-contamination to occur. Same with the use of chemicals. Cleaning staff should be trained to know which chemicals to use on which surfaces to maximize effectiveness.

Include Safety Standards in Your Restroom Cleaning Plan:

To provide a germ, bacteria and virus free environment, it should be understood that cleaning restrooms are not a once-a-day task. It is important to understand when the restrooms are being used more frequently. A good example would be over the lunch hour. Cleaning staff can keep an eye on things and provide clean-up when necessary.

Restrooms are an important part of the facility and they need to be properly maintained. Having the proper safety training in place for cleaning staff will ensure that they are knowledgeable of the types of germs, bacteria and viruses they will encounter and how to properly clean and disinfect your restrooms. It will also reduce the chance of cross-contamination and help protect anyone using your restrooms.

When establishing or updating your restroom cleaning plan, please consider using System4 of Indianapolis. Our staff at System4 are fully trained in the cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms. And with our new All Cleaner XP System, we can provide a cleaning solution that will be the capstone of your restroom maintenance program. Our touchless system helps to reduce cross-contamination and will help to keep your restrooms in tip-top shape. A properly and well-maintained restroom will reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses within your facility.

Give us a call today at 317-222-1039 to find out how we can help using our All Cleaner XP System!

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