Q&A: Flu Season Best Practices for Facilities

When and where should flu fighting chemicals be applied?

Especially when it comes to fighting the flu, there is no such thing as too clean! A public facility can only truly be clean when the entire space is well maintained, vacuumed, dusted, disinfected, and sanitized daily. Appropriate floor care and deep cleans on a regularly scheduled basis are also necessary but frequency can vary from facility to facility. During the winter flu season, however, deep cleans and mitigation cleans should be taken seriously, scheduled regularly and considered a priority. It’s the best way to remove and prevent the spread of germs to keep those using the space healthy.

Is your facility cleaning the flu hot spots daily?

Yes, there are hot spots for germs. A quality facilities service will ensure they are all hit hard because they know those nasty germs can spread quickly if not addressed. However, a responsible facility manager will require increased frequency and cleaning requirements during flu season. A quality chemical like Peroxy™ 4D Disinfectant should be used to fight flu germs. High traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and shared spaces must be treated correctly so that germs don’t linger and spread. Additionally, and especially during flu season, chemicals should be applied correctly to anything that is touched regularly by employees, clients, patients, students, and other public facility users. Particularly light switches, door knobs, furniture, flat surfaces, drawers and handles, any knobs or faucets, soap dispensers, kitchen sponges and brushes, lockers, and other areas depending on the facility type should be carefully cleaned as frequently as possible – daily attention is recommended during those months when folks are more at risk of contracting the flu.

What can individuals do to prevent the spread of germs while using public spaces?

  1. Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  2. Avoid unnecessary physical contact with others while in public facilities.
  3. Use a sanitization wipe on your cell phone a few times per day.
  4. Clean handbags, purses, and wallets and don’t store them on the floor.
  5. Keep coughs and sneezes covered and ultimately, stay home when sick.

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