Restaurants Need Pressure Washing

Did you know? …Restaurants need regularly scheduled pressure washing. It is inevitable that nasty, greasy gunk, grime, and buildup will get caked onto entryways and sidewalks over time… and it doesn’t take long.

How do sidewalks get so dirty?

Most restaurant kitchen staff, cooks, chefs, servers, and hosts are required to wear nonslip footwear to protect against slips and falls in the back of the house. Consider why the floor might be slicker behind customer-facing areas. This is where the food is prepared and where the dishes are cleaned. Therefore, an increase of grease, food splatter, water, and cleaning solutions unavoidably ‘land’ on the floor. Most back of house flooring is vinyl tile, ceramic tile, or another hard surface that can easily be mopped clean each night with the right chemicals.

Now, consider how each restaurant worker walks on the back of house floor throughout their day between cleans. They are tracking whatever is on the floor wherever they walk. This means when they leave the building for the day, take breaks outside, or remove trash and recycle from the building, that grime is transferred to outdoor spaces including entryways/exits, break areas, and sidewalks. Ground areas around dumpsters and recycle bins tend to get especially filthy. The transfer of indoor grime from shoes creates a blackish, brownish, grimy buildup on outdoor surfaces and clearly shows where folks have been. It is caked onto the ground and often times ignored until it becomes a real issue. Overall it becomes an eye sore but could start to have an odor or even attract rodents and insects. Realistically, there is no way to prevent this from happening. It comes with the restaurant business.

Fortunately, active restaurant facility services managers can help!

They know that pressure washing is the only way to maintain outdoor ground surfaces. A high-pressure washer and tech who has experience with this special service will clean the ground around the restaurant and get it looking clean again. This service should be performed as frequently as necessary but most restaurants need it monthly or quarterly at a minimum.

Next time you’re out to eat, take a look at the ground outside the restaurant. It may give you insights to how clean and well-maintained the facility really is. If you’re a restaurant owner, make sure your restaurant is having outdoor spaces pressure washed regularly.



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