Skilled Cleaners Deserve to Earn a Fair Living Wage

Cleaning is a skill that keeps facilities and those using them healthy. Skilled cleaners know how to clean surfaces the right way. Cleaners should always be treated well and respected for what they bring to the table. They are essential to the upkeep and successfulness of a facility.

Just like the professionals and public using a space, cleaners deserve a space where their health and safety is valued. There should be zero tolerance for harassment or discrimination towards cleaning crews. Disrespectful behavior should never be tolerated.

Open communication is key to the partnership between your facility and those who maintain it. Expressing appreciation to cleaners when they do well can go a long way. If something needs to be addressed, approach it kindly and it can be a learning opportunity for everyone. Cleaners should be comfortable letting those they report to know if there is an issue or if they have questions. Most cleaning professionals want to do a great job and ensure that spaces are well maintained. Cleaners should have clear expectations and do high-quality work consistently. Professional cleaners deserve to be able to support themselves, have benefit options, and be able to take time off.

Not only should cleaners be treated well and respected for their skill set, they deserve to be paid fairly for the work performed. What is fair may seem subjective but skilled workers should always be able to support themselves. Those working for a cleaning company should earn a wage relative to the location and are also likely eligible to receive benefits. You can research using a living wage calculator to see what is a typical expense and typical wage for various locations.

Cleaners who are hired by businesses associated with a quality facilities management company can be assured they have the opportunity to make a fair living wage.


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