Special Services: Window Washing & Pressure Washing

Most office spaces need special services throughout the year. How different building staff and facility managers handle these special services varies significantly and depends on the use of the building by staff and customers.

Pressure Washing:

Many restaurants, for example, need regular weekly or monthly pressure washing to remove residue from food or employee shoes that gravitates outside the building. Places to pay special attention to include building entrances and exits as well as walkways. Even areas by trash, recycle, and dumpsters can get pretty gross if not pressure washed regularly. Also, consider what the outdoor seating areas look like. Weather it’s a space to eat and drink or a break area, pressure washing picnic tables as well as metal chairs and tables will keep the space clean by removing caked on grime that tends to build up over time and use. Many businesses choose to also have the exterior walls of their building pressure washed quarterly or annually. This building maintenance will keep the exterior looking great and prolong the life of the facility.

Window Washing:

Retail spaces, especially those on busy streets, need regular indoor/outdoor window washing. And it has to be thoroughly completed or the dust, grime, pollen, and fingerprints will take over quickly causing an even bigger mess to maintain on windows. Window sills are included in this service too. Keeping them clean will ensure products are well displayed and look their best through clean and clear windows. No business wants smudges getting in the way of their products. Clean windows help retail spaces present well to the public and only a professional service can keep them maintained to a superior quality so they don’t cause issues or degrade the appearance of the store. Regular window cleanings also maintain windows so that they last longer over time and require fewer or less frequent replacements.


Not sure how to determine the frequency for these services? Speak to your facility services account manager and request an evaluation. You may be surprised to realize the cost and benefit of these special services. These can be billed separately or they can be scheduled at regular intervals and wrapped into your service agreement so costs are spread out over time. Get your facility’s window washing and pressure washing services on a regular schedule to keep your building clean and looking great!

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