Spring Cleaning Basics

When it comes time to do a much-needed spring cleaning at your business, there are some basics facility managers will need to cover to be prepared. Review the basics and collaborate with your maintenance teams to ensure you’re business is prepared for the spring and summer months. Getting everything in order now as the season starts go warm up will ensure supplies and tools are ready to go. It will also make maintaining the facility easier going forward this year.

Create a Good Plan:

A thorough walkthrough of the facility taking notes and photos is a great way to start planning your facility’s spring cleaning. Look for anything and everything that could need cleaning or maintenance. Perhaps there is specific areas need special attention. Handyman services tend to pick up in the spring so look for outdoor issues relative to landscaping, the building itself, lightbulbs that are burnt out, plumbing issues, and other repairs. Also note, Maintenance closets can get cluttered quickly as time passes and spring is a great time to do a thorough cleanup in each of them. Remove everything from shelves and carts. Take an inventory of supplies to see if there is anything extra sitting around that could be used or if additional products need to be ordered to support the building. Check to see that cleaning tools are in good condition and replace any broken items.

Invest in Hand Protection & Cleaning Cloths:

Having the basic tools for spring cleaning will make a world of difference. Every facility, whether a school, office, restaurant, or hospital needs to have the right kind of hand protection and cleaning cloths. Throw out those old or damaged gloves. Invest in some new rubber or vinyl gloves to protect your team’s hands, skin, and nails. There are different types of gloves that match the job being done. To name a few, there are different types of industrial, medical, food service, disposable, and acid resistant gloves available. Be sure to get the best gloves for your facility and your team. In general, microfiber cleaning cloths are the best for both homes and commercial facilities. They are superior to paper towels because they pick up fine particles. They also prevent wear and scratches on surfaces like counters, glass, and tile. They’re also reusable and can save money when taken care of.

The basics of spring cleaning boils down to having a solid plan and executing it. Having the right materials and supplies to do the job is the next step. Once these are in place, scheduling, and working through the items on the list in your plan will get you well on your way to a happy facility as the weather warms up. Work with your facility manager and providers to get your facility ready for spring!

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