Spring Cleaning Tips for Facility Managers

Orig. Post April 22, 2013 by National Purity LLC | Re-Post April 20, 2015

Spring is finally here which means it’s time for facility managers and building owners to review and amend their current cleaning procedures for the new season.

Below are five spring cleaning tips to consider during this year’s annual assessment.

Focus on Flooring

Most high traffic floors take a serious beating during the winter months — leaving they dull, dingy or stained come Spring. Invest your time in some deep cleaning services, which can revitalize tile and carpet. A seasonal deep clean can make your floors look brand new. It can also increase their lifespan over time.

Have Air Conditioning Units Serviced

If your AC units have been turned off for several months, they need a thorough coil cleaning. This will not only improve your unit’s energy efficiency, it will improve the indoor air quality of your facility. AC units that don’t undergo spring maintenance can lead to unpleasant odors, allergens and other symptoms of “sick building syndrome.”

Deep Clean Restrooms

Hopefully you already have a thorough daily cleaning routine in place for restroom maintenance. That being said, periodic deep cleans are the best way to eliminate lingering bacteria and dirt. A quality deep clean should remove built-up dirt and grime, sanitize all restroom surfaces and polish fixtures.

Take Care of Small Details

Winter can be a drain on your cleaning staff. Removing snow and constantly cleaning dirty floors can leave little time for much else. This spring make it your goal to shift away from the big picture and focus on the small details. Small changes like replacing bulbs and ballasts or patching caulk lines can really freshen up the interior of your building.

Consider Going Green

The benefits associated with green cleaning are endless. It’s not only good for the environment, it’s also safer for your cleaning staff and more cost-efficient in the long run. Green cleaning products should be biodegradable, free of any known carcinogens, and have lower impact on the environment.

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