Take Out the Trash!

It may seem obvious that any public facility or business should remove waste regularly. It’s part of ongoing maintenance. But if it’s not done daily it can cause issues for a space and frustrations for those using it.

Have you ever gone to throw something away and the trash bin was full or even overflowing? What a hassle! Maybe you even had to stop what you were doing, tie up a bag of other people’s trash, remove it, and replace the inner lining bag. What a disruption to the day when all you wanted to do was discard your own waste.

Particularly in an office setting, folks don’t want to get their hands dirty or simply have the mentality that it’s not their job. Actually, they’re right. Removing facility waste is the responsibility of custodians and those cleaning the space. While some offices may have a system for individuals removing their own desk trash, waste in commonly shared spaces like company kitchens can build up quickly if not emptied and removed from the building daily.

When trash is not removed daily, spaces can form an unpleasant smell that can be hard to get rid of. Food waste is the biggest culprit of odors. It can also attract insects or other critters. Flies are attracted to methane gas that is a result of rotting food. If trash bins with food waste are not removed for an extended period, maggots could become an issue making cleanup more difficult and unpleasant for those tasked with the removal.

Those removing trash should know how to do it routinely the right way. Remove trash from buildings every day, no exceptions, even when the trashcan is not completely full. Often when the trash bag is removed some trash debris remains inside the bin. That waste and grime should also be cleaned out before replacing the bag. So not only does the waste need to be removed and the lining bag replaced, but the bin itself also needs to be wiped down and disinfected.

Make sure that indoor trash removal is a priority for your facility janitorial team and ensure that the responsibility is always covered over breaks and vacations. Removing waste is just another one of those important cleaning checklist items that has to be done every day. Doing so eliminates clutter and odors from the space, but also removes disruptions from the workday.


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