Techniques For Removing Carpet Odors

Source: | Re-Post System4 9/23/2016

By the time carpet odors reach our noses, the problem may already be quite serious. That doesn’t mean, however, it cannot be resolved. The first step in treating any odor issue is to uncover and remove the source, and then clean the area quickly and thoroughly.

Routine cleaning likely won’t be enough to remove odors once they’ve established themselves in the carpet. Therefore, after removing surface debris, it may be necessary to conduct a deep flushing of contaminants via hot-water extraction using a sub-surface tool.

Even then, hot-water extraction alone may not be enough for strong or offensive odors, Trevino says. In these cases, it’s necessary to also apply a deodorizing agent or odor neutralizer. This is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Although there are some broad-spectrum neutralizers, most products are designed for specific odors (mildew, food, human waste, etc.).

It’s important that cleaning technicians know the source of a smell before treating it. They must also understand the proper decontamination agents for various types of odors. Deodorization can fail when someone uses the wrong chemical.

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