The Top 10 Places Schools & Daycares Should Disinfect Daily

We can all agree that it is important for schools and day cares to be clean and disinfect their facilities. It is, in fact, critical that it is done every day. Disinfecting the right areas and surfaces will keep teachers, administrators, and students healthy. In an extreme case, failure to disinfect properly in spaces used by so many students and workers could cause shut downs if, for example, a virus has affected a significant percentage of attendees. A healthy workforce is always important but for schools, the focus is on the students, whose health is equally important.

Students come from diverse backgrounds and home lives but when they go to school or day care the focus should be on learning. Many students have trouble paying attention, disabilities or learning challenges, home life stresses or social anxieties that already make it challenging to focus on learning. This makes a teacher’s role challenging without the awful addition of being sick or having sick students. In addition to not feeling well, when students or educators share a school or day care space, being sick means either missed classroom time or the risk of further spreading illnesses. The best way to prevent unhealthy bacteria from growing and being spread is to use chemicals to disinfect and kill germs.

Daycare facilities, particularly, present health challenges. Kids are more vulnerable to unhealthy bacteria that can cause them to get sick. Young children tend to do unhealthy things like crawl on the floor, pick their noses, chew on things, and sneeze without covering their mouths. They are not likely to wash their hands or use hand sanitizers regularly. And, it can sometimes be hard to tell if a child is sick or not feeling well because there isn’t always a quick or noticeable change in behavior.

Considering all the surfaces used by students and faculty at schools and daycares, there is significant opportunity for the growth and spread of harmful germs. Therefore, keeping the facilities clean and disinfected to kill those germs is crucial. Below is a list of the top ten places at schools and daycares that should be disinfected every day.

  1. Classroom tabletops, workspaces, and desks
  2. Cafeteria tables, food lines, counters, and sinks
  3. Library counters, tables, and pillows
  4. Bathrooms, sinks, and soap dispensers
  5. Drinking fountains and faucets
  6. Computer keyboards and mouses
  7. Toys, learning aids, chalkboards and markerboards
  8. In-classroom phones, intercoms, microphones
  9. Light switches, doorknobs and handles
  10. Trashcans, recycling bins, waste areas

The goal in disinfecting these spaces is to prevent harmful bacteria from being spread. Ultimately, it is the duty of the school or day care facility to ensure spaces are cleaned and disinfected with the right chemicals and supplies in the right way. Proper disinfecting is an obligation that affects the success of so many and it should be taken seriously. Make sure your school or daycare has a facilities manager who cares about the building and knows how to keep the right spaces clean and disinfected.

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