Tips For Cleaning Your Gym Floor

Source: | Re-Post System4 12/7/2016 – 

We got a call about a year ago from a CrossFit Affiliate in the Chicago area who was frustrated with how long it was taking him to clean the mats in his Box. He was using a leaf blower to blow the worst of the chalk off the mats and out the door. That dusty job was followed by the arduous task of hand mopping the mats. The results were not great. One big problem was that it was taking all afternoon to clean the mats. Dust from the leaf blower was covering the equipment making another mess to clean up. The mopping process left a residue that dried and made the Box look almost worse. Another huge problem was that the excessive water left behind from mopping soaked through the mats and took forever to dry.

Since then we have helped hundreds of CrossFit Affiliates find better and faster ways to clean and disinfect their Boxes. The time they save can be spent growing their business. CrossFit Affiliates have to find a way to stand out and deliver the best experience possible for their customers. Remember first impressions are everything. When a new customer walks into your Box, seeing a clean and organized facility will set you apart. Your members will also appreciate clean sanitized mats when they hit the floor to do pushups and planks.

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