Tips For Effectively Fighting Restroom Odors

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While cleaning for appearance can frequently fool the eyes, ineffective cleaning practices can often be discovered using a different sense.

As the old saying goes, the nose knows, and a quick whiff of offensive odors is all a customer or visitor needs to apply the dreaded “dirty restroom” label.

Below are a few suggestions facility managers and business service contractors (BSCs) can follow to help keep restrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Keep Areas Dry

The greatest enemy workers face when it comes to the buildup of restroom odors is moisture.

Though traditional mopping was long thought of as the most effective method of restroom floor care, studies have shown that this form of cleaning can actually lead to more odors through spreading contaminated water and bacteria across the entire floor.

Instead of encouraging bacterial growth by soaking every inch of the floor with water, use a more focused and efficient floor cleaning system.

According to Charles Cestaro with Servco, the proper steps for mopping a bathroom floor are:

  • Using the approved and appropriate cleaning chemicals.
  • Lightly “soaking” floors to loosen soil in grout.
  • Scrubbing stained grout lines under urinals with a brush.
  • Mop using fresh water and a clean mop in a two-bucket/ringer combo.
  • Utilizing a disposable wipe to trail into edges and corners.

Use Modern Tools

Specific cleaners are now formulated to remove the stubborn urine stains and the odors that they can cause.

Used properly, these products will breakdown the urine and eliminate its associated odors.

Created to be effective on porous grout, some of these cleaners do not contain bleach, instead using hydrogen peroxide.

Also, heavy-duty cleaning machines specifically made for cleaning restrooms are perfect for scrubbing floors and performing detailed wall washing and grout cleaning.

While assisting with odor control, Cestaro says this type of detailed restroom cleaning can also help simplify workers’ daily maintenance routines.

Finding Air Fresheners

Finally, restroom odors can also be fought effectively using air fresheners.

An odor maintenance program can begin with the consistent use of air fresheners.

Fresheners are available that can operate on a 24-hour basis, and some options can neutralize odor-causing bacteria instead of masking it.

A fragrance that is not overwhelming can leave a lasting impression on visitors and guests and improve the overall ambience of a facility.

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