Top Cleaning Issues In Your Restrooms


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When it comes to landing repeat business, having a well-maintained restroom is vital. If someone’s touch, smell, or sight senses something is awry, that individual is remarkably less likely to visit that restroom again, or, consequently, that entire facility.

Facility cleaning managers know this, which is why they place so much focus on keeping restrooms full of soap and towels and free of the stick and stink.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this extra attention is all too often thwarted by employees who lack the education necessary to properly carry out their job. The best way to solve this issue is to identify problem areas within the restroom and then treat them with textbook cleaning methods.

Most building occupants have encountered something so visually unpleasant in the restroom that it makes their stomach churn, but when it comes to upsetting visitors, it’s foul odors that most often cause discomfort, says Carol Dell’Aquila, vice president of sales at Maintex, City of Industry, California. To rectify a stench, some facilities will use fragrances intended to mask or cover the smell. However, the blend of a scent, like apples, for example, is never going to mesh well with the stench of bacteria or bodily fluids. Instead, Dell’Aquila recommends crews target the areas within the restroom that cause the bad smells, which might also solve visual issues.

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