Warm Weather Prep for Your Facility

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The days are getting longer, the mercury is rising, and the first flashes of green can be seen among the sleepy shrubs in your facility’s landscaping. It’s time to prepare for the warm seasons by making sure the property and the employees caring for it are safe.

Worker Safety Prep
Climbing temperatures might mean a lot more time outdoors for your maintenance workers, and that means you need to help them get ready for pesky pests and the beating sun.


Bugs are typically no more than a mere nuisance, but they can serve as an uncomfortable and annoying distraction to workers. And, with many insects carrying a variety of illnesses (like Lyme disease, Zika or West Nile), or potential for dangerous allergic reactions, it’s wise to help your employees be prepared.


Working outside means working in all sorts of conditions, from extreme cold to extreme heat in the summer. A 2016 study showed that only 18% of outdoor workers apply sunscreen during the day. Coincidentally, employees who spend at least half of their working hours outside are far more prone to skin cancer.

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