Where and When Does Your Facility Sanitize?

Sanitize – to make sanitary
Sanitary – of or relating to health

When it comes to maintaining a healthy facility, regular sanitization is important for reducing pathogenic bacteria that cause infection. Sanitizing is more than just cleaning a surface. It makes the surface sanitary by reducing pathogens to a safe level. No one wants to leave an office, school, retail store, grocery, or restaurant with germs from another person that could cause illness. Since most of us are not in the habit of hand washing every time a light switch is flipped, sanitizing is key to maintaining a clean environment for everyone who uses common public spaces.

Consider your facility’s restrooms, kitchen areas, breakrooms, and any other well used communal areas. These shared spaces collect germs plus show dirt and grime quickly. That dirt and grime can carry all kinds of unhealthy bacteria. It’s best practice to follow the manufacturers instructions when using any sanitizer. By cleaning with a quality sanitizer, 99.99% of germs are reduced to a safe level for contact in a quick amount of time.

For businesses in the restaurant industry, it is very important to keep food areas sanitary. Food preparation areas, tables, counters, and bars are prime surfaces where food related bacteria and other germs can fester. Sanitizing these areas regularly, not just whenever there is a visible mess, significantly reduces surface germs and prevents them from spreading or making people sick. Cleaning to remove dirt is important but not sanitizing can cause the spread of bacteria and cause health problems for customers and employees.

Sanitizing is easy and can be built into routines simply by wiping down counters and other well used surfaces regularly. Making a checklist of areas throughout a facility that need to be sanitized and sticking to it help keep spaces clean and healthy. Clean spaces that are sanitized regularly will look better too!

But remember, sanitization is not just about appearances. It is cleaning to a point that germs are almost entirely removed. Dirty spaces are hard to enjoy and no one wants to get sick. Make sure those in contact with any surface at your facility don’t risk picking up any potentially harmful bacteria. Sanitize those surfaces and stay healthy!

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